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Music For Listeners 01/11/2020

1) Beastie Boys-"Country Mike's Theme"  From the compilation album 'Anthology: The Sounds of Science'.
2) Courtney Barnett-"Sunday Roast (MTV Unplugged (Live In Melbourne))"  From the brand new album 'MTV Unplugged (Live In Melbourne)'.
3) The Orielles-"Space Samba (Disco Volador Theme) (Radio Edit)"  From the forthcoming album 'Disco Volador'.
4) Peaness-"Kaizen"  From the brand new digital single for "Kaizen".
5) School Is Cool-"Close"  From the forthcoming album 'Things That Don’t Get Right'.
6) Marble Arch-"Gold"  From the album 'Children of the Slump'.
7) Las Kellies-"Funny Money "  From the forthcoming album 'Suck the Tangerine'.
8) Patio-"Boy Scout"  From the album 'Essentials'.
9) Holiday Ghosts-"Just a Feeling"  From the album 'West Bay Playroom'.
10) Summer Camp-"Women In Love"  From the forthcoming album 'Romantic Comedy'.
11) Fontaines D.C.-"You Can't Realise (Darklands Versions)"  From the brand new EP 'Darklands'.
12) Young Guv-"High On My Mind"  From the compilation album 'I & II'.
13) Supergrass-"Sitting Up Straight (4 Track Demo)"  From the forthcoming compilation album 'The Strange Ones 1994-2008'.
15) Pale Saints-"You Tear the World in Two (Woodhouse Studio LP Demo)"  From the forthcoming album 'The Comforts of Madness: The Expanded 30th Anniversary Edition'.
16) Whyte Horses (Feat. Gruff Rhys)-"Tocyn"  From the forthcoming album 'Hard Times'.
17) Corridor-"Goldie"  From the album ''Junior''.
18) Good Morning-"Best Supporting Actor"  From the album 'Basketball Breakups'.
19) Jordan Mackampa-"Parachutes"  From the forthcoming album 'Foreigner'.
20) Ash-"Darkest Hour of the Night"  From the forthcoming compliation album 'Teenage Wildlife: 25 Years Of Ash'.
21) Wild Nothing-"Foyer"  From the forthcoming EP 'Laughing Gas'.
22) mxmtoon-"Prom Dress"  From the brand new digital single for "Prom Dress".
23) Islet-"Clouds"  From the forthcoming album 'Eyelet'.
24) EoB-"Brasil"  From the brand new digital dingle for "Brasil".
25) Sun June-"Terrified"  From the brand new KUTX podcast 'Song Confessional'.
26) Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds-"Wandering Star"  From the brand new EP 'Wandering Star'.
27) Demitasse-"Little Blonde Boy (for Kurt Cobain)"  From the forthcoming album 'Perfect Life'.
28) Siobhan Wilson-"Your Moon Has Come"  From the brand new EP 'Plastic Grave'.
29) Eve Owen-"She Says"  From the brand new digital single for "She Says".
30) "The Mid-Morning Recording"           The Staves-'Dead & Born & Grown'
So glad to say that we have seen The Staves in an intimate performance, playing inside of old garage turned into a burger shop on the East side of Austin, Texas. Due to their opening act slots for certain bands early in their career, we played The Staves from their first EP 'Facing West' back in 2010. Two years later, they would open up for The Civil Wars in the U.S., play our daytime parties, and release their first full length album. Then they began their long working relationship with Justin Vernon and his project Bon Iver. They would be the opening act for Bon Iver for a few world tours, and Justin would go on to produce their second album in 2015. I do like their sophomore album rather a lot as well, but this debut release is pretty close to perfect. Songs they had been performing for many years as the track listing was curated and crafted. Atlantic Records came calling quickly on their strength of their early releases, and they have released their two long-play albums to date. We eagerly await their third. "Carry me home on your shoulders. Lower me onto my bed. Show me the night that I dreamed about before." - Michael - MFL
31) James-"Sayonara"  From the album 'Wah-Wah'.

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