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Music For Listeners 08/21/2021

1) Beastie Boys-"Country Mike's Theme"  From the compilation album 'Anthology: The Sounds of Science'.
2) Nanci Griffith-"Love At The Five And Dime (Live)"  From the album 'One Fair Summer Evening'.
3) Parquet Courts-"Walking at a Downtown Pace"  From the forthcoming album 'Sympathy For Life'.
4) José González-"Swing"  From the forthcoming album 'Local Valley'.
5) La Luz-"Here on Earth"  From the forthcoming album 'La Luz'.
6) Paul Weller-"Broken Stones (Live)"  From the forthcoming album 'An Orchestrated Songbook'.
7) Pip Blom-"You Don't Want This"  From the forthcoming album 'Welcome Break'.
8) Ducks LTD. (featuring The Beths)-"How Lonely Are You?"  From the forthcoming album 'Modern Fiction'.
9) The Beths-"Future Me Hates Me (Live)"  From the forthcoming album 'Auckland, New Zealand - 2020'.
10) Piroshka-"V.O."  From the brand new album 'Love Drips And Gathers'.
11) Primal Scream-"Accelerator (Live)"  From the forthcoming album 'Live at Levitation'.
12) Good Morning-"Country"  From the forthcoming album 'Barnyard'.
13) Courtney Barnett-"Before You Gotta Go"  From the forthcoming album 'Things Take Time, Take Time'.
14) The Umbrellas-"Happy"  From the brand new album 'The Umbrellas'.
15) Blossoms-"Care For"  From the brand new single for "Care For".
16) Stina Marie Claire-"The Human Condition"  From the forthcoming EP 'A Souvenir of a Terrible Year'.
17) Vanishing Twin-"Phase One Million"  From the forthcoming album 'Ookii Gekkou'.
18) Mr Jukes (featuring Barney Artist)-"Gratitude"  From the brand new album 'The Lockett'.
19) The Vaccines-"Alone Star"  From the forthcoming album 'Back In Love City'.
20) Franz Ferdinand-"Darts Of Pleasure"  From the forthcoming album 'Franz Ferdinand'.
21) Franz Ferdinand-"Eleanor Put Your Boots On"  From the forthcoming album 'You Could Have It So Much Better'.
22) Cindy-"Lost Dog"  From the forthcoming album '1:2'.
23) Holly Humberstone-"Please Don't Leave Just Yet"  From the forthcoming EP 'The Walls Are Way Too Thin'.
24) Bon Iver-"Babys (AIR Studios – 4AD-Jagjaguwar Session)"  From the forthcoming expanded reissued album 'Bon Iver'.
25) Penelope Isles-"Sailing Still"  From the brand new single for "Sailing Still".
26) Skirts-"True"  From the brand new album 'Great Big Wild Oak'.
27) Brigid Mae Power-"Didn't It Rain (Songs: Ohia)"  From the forthcoming EP 'Burning Your Light'.
28) "The Mid-Morning Recording"         The Cars-'Candy-O'
Orly asked during the broadcast if I had seen The Cars live, and sadly my answer was a 'no'. They did play in San Antonio it turns out in 1984. I was almost a teenager, but I think with the invention of MTV, I don't remember seeing too many concerts from 1982 to 1987. I guess it was also getting more and more expensive to see a show during that time, so my parents were going out less. That and also with the invention of MTV, my tastes were starting to change. I most likely was a snob of The Cars with the release of "Heartbreak City". It was everywhere at the time. So I guess I decided that they weren't worth the ticket price in 1984. Foolish. I guess another reason why I didn't see The Cars in 1984 was because past the first album, I didn't really hear any album tracks from other albums until the 90's. Even then, I tended to gravitate towards the singles. --- Recently, I've been listening to a lot The Cars discography, past the first album, and past the singles, and even the last album they created "Move Like This" from 2011. They were an incredible band, start to finish, and it's so sad that we've lost both Orr and Ocasek now. Two guys who really knew how to write a hook, in the verse, chorus, and the bridge. The songs they made have hooks everywhere, and those are helped along by Greg Hawkes' stellar keyboard riffs, David Robinson's steady beat, and an incredible guitar and harmony by Elliot Easton. Certainly one of the best American new wave bands for sure. A little slicker than the punk edged bands of the day, and a little more out in space than the UK new wave bands of the day. So here's to their second album, "Candy-O". The follow up to one of the most critically acclaimed debut albums from any band. A worthy follow-up that gave them higher chart success, but not as many hits. I really like "Candy-O" because one can already hear their sound start to mature. It's nice to discover in my older age that the band was trying to better their craft instead of trying to just repeat the first album. While I don't think it's as good as their first album, it shows the band experimenting more, which now I appreciate more. "It's All I Can Do" was released as a single, but didn't chart very high. One can hear a direct link from a song like "Just What I Needed" from the first album, to Orr's mega-hit "Drive" in that single. Their popularity certainly peaked with "Heartbeat City", which maybe even the band would admit to be their most "crafted' album. It certainly sold the most, but it also had MTV, and that visual element their first three albums didn't have. Even with "Shake It Up", MTV was so new to the scene, and experimental on its own. It's bizarre to me that we haven't played more albums from The Cars as a MMR. I'm sure we'll play another pretty soon. "I like the night life baby!" - Michael - MFL
29) James-"Sayonara"  From the album 'Wah-Wah'.

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