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Music For Listeners 05/28/2022
First Broadcast 01/28/2017
The 180.89 - Jason Chronis of Tele Novella - Rebroadcast

1) Gandalf-"Golden Earings" From the album 'Gandalf'.
2) Can-"Tango Whiskeyman (from Deadlock)" From the compilation album 'Soundtracks'.
3) Ithaca-"Times" From the album 'A Game for All Who Know'.
4) Quill-"Yellow Butterfly" From the album 'Quill'.
5) Kevin Ayers-"Town Feeling" From the album 'Joy of A Toy'.
6) Tim Buckley-"Strange Street Affair Under Blue" From the album 'Tim Buckley'.
7) Laurence Vanay-"Evening Colours" From the album 'Evening Colours'.
8) King Crimson-"I Talk To the Wind" From the album 'In the Court of the Crimson King'.
9) Cake-"Mideval Love" From the album 'Cake'.
10) Duncan Browne-"Nine Pence Worth of Walking" From the album 'Give Me Take You'.
11) Saint Just-"Il Risveglio" From the album 'Saint Just'.
12) Kay Hoffmann-"Tempus Instat" From the album 'Floret Silva'.
13) Peter Ivers Band-"Cat Scratch Fever" From the album 'Knight of the Blue Communion'.
14) The Bachs-"Free Fall" From the album 'Out of the Bachs'.
15) The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band-"I Won't Hurt You" From the album 'Part One'.
16) Procol Harum-"Shine On Brightly" From the album 'Shine On Brightly'.
17) Pink Floyd-"Astronomy Domine" From the album 'The Piper At the Gates of Dawn'.
18) The Shoes-"Do I Get So Shy" From the album 'One In Versailles'.
19) Mickey and the Soul Generation-"The Get Down" From the compilation album 'Iron Leg: The Complete Mickey And The Soul Generation'.
20) Robert Johnson-"Kindhearted Woman Blues" From the compilation album 'King Of The Delta Blues Singers'.
21) Mamie Perry-"Lament" From the compilation album 'Jukebox Jam Volume Two'.
22) Betty St. Claire-"That Old Black Magic" From the album 'What Is There To Say'.
23) Les Baxter-"Batumba" From the album 'Tamboo'.
24) The J Ann C Trio-"Voo Doo Doll" From the album 'At Tan-Tara-A'.
25) Sam Marowitz-"Yesterdays" From the album 'Sound In the Night'.
26) Cluster-"Sowiesoso" From the album 'Sowiesoso'.
27) The Kinks-"All My Friends Were There" From the album 'The Kinks Are The Village Green Preservation Society'.
28) The Side Kicks-"Fi Fi the Flea" From the vinyl 7" single for "Fi Fi the Flea".
29) Dane Sturgeon-"Who's Gonna Hold the Wind" From the album 'Wild N' Tender'.
30) The Squires-"Going All the Way" From the vinyl 7" single for "Going All the Way".
31) Nick Drake-"Day Is Done" From the album 'Five Leaves Left'.
32) "The Mid-Morning Recording"     The Zombies-'Odessey And Oracle'
33) James-"Sayonara"  From the album 'Wah-Wah'.

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