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Music For Listeners 01/21/2023

1) Beastie Boys-"Country Mike's Theme"  From the compilation album 'Anthology: The Sounds of Science'.
2) Angel Olsen-"All the Good Times"  From the album 'Big Time'.
3) Pavement-"Shady Lane"  From the album 'Brighten the Corners'.
4) Django Django-"Love's Dart (Mad Professor Mix)"  From the album 'Mad Professor Meets Django Django'.
5) Placebo-"Nancy Boy"  From the album 'Placebo'.
6) Arctic Monkeys-"The View From the Afternoon"  From the EP 'Who the Fuck Are the Arctic Monkeys?'.
7) Beth Orton-"She Cries Her Name"  From the album 'Trailer Park'.
8) The Verve-"A Man Called Sun (Live)"  From the 7" single for "Love Is Noise".
9) Interpol-"Obstacle 1"  From the album 'Turn On the Bright Lights'.
10) Pixies-"Caribou"  From the EP 'Come On Pilgrim'.
11) Super Furry Animals-"Ice Hockey Hair"  From the 12" single for "Smokin'"/"Ice Hockey Hair".
12) A Certain Ratio-"Always In Love"  From the album 'ACR Loco'.
13) Electronic-"Feel Every Beat" From the album 'Electronic'.
14) The Wedding Present-"Theme from Shaft"  From the 7" single for "Boing!"
15) Elastica-"Smile"  From the album 'Elastica'.
16) Squeeze-"Take Me I'm Yours"  From the album 'Squeeze'.
17) Idlewild-"American English"  From the album 'The Remote Part'.
18) Midnight Oil-"Blue Sky Mine"  From the album 'Blue Sky Mining'.
19) Mary Love-"You Turned My Bitter Into Sweet"  From the compilation album 'For Dancers Only'.
20) Bessie Smith-"Nobody In Town Can Bake A Sweet Jelly Roll Like Mine"  From the compilation album 'The World's Greatest Blues Singer'.
21) Easy Life-"Fortune Cookie"  From the album 'Maybe In Another Life'.
22) Fleetwood Mac-"Keep On Going"  From the album 'Mystery To Me'.
23) Michael Head & The Red Elastic Band-"Broken Beauty"  From the album 'Dear Scott'.
24) Harry Nilsson-"Vine St."  From the album 'Nilsson Sings Newman'.
25) Lambchop-"Up With People"  From the album 'Nixon'.
26) Henry Mancini-"Hawaii (Main Title)"  From the album 'Music of Hawaii'.
27) The Garrys-"Get Thee To A Nunnery" From the album 'Get Thee To A Nunnery'.
28) The Muppets-"The Rhyming Song"  From the compilation album 'Silly Songs'.
29) Chapterhouse-"Precious One"  From the EP 'Memerise'.
30) The Orb-"Molten Love"  From the album 'Orblivion'.
31) "The Mid-Morning Recording"    Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young-'Deja Vu'
Another tribute for this week's album. I know my parents really like CSNY, and since we've already played so many Byrds albums already, I thought we would go with most likely the most famous of their albums. I don't have major knowledge of their works, but this album obviously has some big singles, and some of the songs that defined Woodstock, including the song itself. I never did see CSNY live, but I've seen a lot of their performances on film. I've seen David perform with many of his friends over the years. David Crosby was certainly one of the best harmony singers of all of modern music. He is already missed by many. Rest in Peace David Crosby (1941-2023) - Michael - MFL
32) James-"Sayonara" From the album 'Wah-Wah'.

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