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Music For Listeners 07/22/2023
First Broadcast 07/26/2014
The 180 - Guest Programmers on MFL
The 180.59 - Christopher Cline

1) The Subliminal Twinkeez-"Accordion to Whom?" From the album 'The Twinkeez' Defense'.
2) The Times-"Lundi Bleu" From the album 'Pure'.
3) Thee More Shallows-"Pre-Present" From the album 'More Deep Cuts'.
4) The Notwist-"Signals" From the album 'Close to the Glass'.
5) New Order-"Hurt" From the vinyl 12" single for "Temptation".
6) A Certain Ratio-"Do the Du" From the album 'Of Factory New York'.
7) Depeche Mode-"Told You So" From the album 'Construction Time Again'.
8) Adorable-"Sisteen Chapel Ceiling" From the album 'Against Perfection'.
9) The Boo Radleys-"I Hang Suspended" From the album 'Giant Steps'.
10) And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead-"Ounce of Prevention (Alternate Mix)" From the compilation
album 'Waiting to Exhale'.
11) The Foreign Resort-"Dead End Roads" From the album 'New Frontiers'.
12) Necromonkey-"The Sheltering Waters" From the album 'A Glimpse Of Possible Endings'.
13) In These Murky Waters-"We Came from the Ocean" From the forthcoming yet titled album.
14) Deerhoof-"Giga Dance" From the vinyl album 'Milk Man'.
15) Split Enz-"I Got You" From the vinyl album 'True Colours'.
16) Broadcast-"Pendulum" From the EP 'Pendulum'.
17) Devo-"I Can't Get No Satisfaction (Original Version)" From the vinyl EP 'B Stiff'.
18) Slint-"Breadcrumb Trail" From the album 'Spiderland'.
19) Polvo-"Every Holy Shroud" From the EP 'Celebrate the New Dark Age'.
20) Scrabbel-"Save the Green Planet" From the album '1909'.
21) Scrabbel-"Rosamo" From the compliation album 'At The Crossroads: A Benefit For Homeless Youth'.
22) Scrabbel-"Sometimes" From the digital EP 'Hijacked Tunes'.
23) The Society of Rockets-"Olivia Odyssey" From the forthcoming album 'Future Factory'.
24) The Society of Rockets-"California's Burning" From the forthcoming album 'Our Paths Are Related'.
25) The Society of Rockets-"Nice and Right" From the forthcoming album 'Plutonian Blues'.
26) The Scattered Pages-"Deadpan Dirge" From the forthcoming album 'Lazy are the Skeletons'.
27) The Aislers Set-"Chicago New York" From the album 'The Last Match'.
28) The Smiths-"Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now" From the album 'The Queen is Dead'.
29) Badfinger-"Name of the Game (Earlier Version)" From the album 'Straight Up'.
30) The Zombies-"Care of Cell 44" From the album 'Odessey and Oracle'.
31) The Stone Roses-"Sugar Spun Sister" From the album 'The Stone Roses'.
32) Slowdive-"Ballad of Sister Sue" From the album 'Just for a Day'.
33) Boards of Canada-"Roygbiv" From the album 'Music Has the Right to Children'.
34) Mew-"An Envoy To The Open Fields" From the album ' And the Glass Handed Kites'.
35) St. Vincent-"Digital Witness" From the album 'St. Vincent'.
36) Tune-Yards-"Time of Dark" From the album 'Nikki Nack'.
37) Elbow-"The Bones of You" From the album 'The Seldom Seen Kid'.
38) Super Furry Animals-"Do Or Die" From the album 'Guerrila'.
39) Ride-"Vapour Trail" From the album 'Nowhere'.

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