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Music For Listeners 06/22/2024

1) Beastie Boys-"Country Mike's Theme"  From the compilation album 'Anthology: The Sounds of Science'.
2) George Strait-"Ace in the Hole"  From the album 'Beyond the Blue Neon'.
3) Beach Bunny-"Vertigo"  From the brand new single "Vertigo".
4) Velocity Girl-"Audrey's Eyes"  From the album 'Copacetic'.
5) Hinds-"En Forma"  From the forthcoming album 'Viva Hinds'.
6) Fontaines DC-"Romance"  From the forthcoming album 'Romance'.
7) Hamish Hawk-"Nancy Dearest"  From the forthcoming album 'A Firmer Hand'.
8) Neutrals-"That's Him on the Daft Stuff Again"  From the brand new album 'New Town Dream'.
9) Mammoth Penguins-"Nothing and Everything"  From the brand new album 'Here'.
10) Beauty Sleep-"Big Sky"  From the forthcoming single for "Big Sky".
11) Letting up Despite Great Faults-"Swirl"  From the brand new single for "Swirl".
12) Lunar Vacation-"Set the Stage"  From the forthcoming album 'Everything Matters, Everything's Fire'.
13) Wishy-"Triple Seven"  From the forthcoming album 'Triple Seven'.
14) Quivers-"Oyster Cuts"  From the forthcoming album 'Oyster Cuts'.
15) Memorials-"Acceptable Experience"  From the brand new single for "Acceptable Experience".
16) Three Quarter Skies-"Crows"  From the brand new single for "Crows".
17) Chime School-"Give Your Heart Away" From the forthcoming album 'The Boy Who Ran The Paisley Hotel'.
18) Hard Life-"Tears"  From the brand new single for "Tears".
19) Oasis-"Columbia (Sawmills Version)"  From the forthcoming forthcoming 30th anniversary edition of the album 'Definitely Maybe'.
20) Art Brut-"Emily Kane"  From the brand new compilation album 'A Record Collection Reduced to a Mixtape'.
21) The Belair Lip Bombs-"Stay or Go"  From the album 'Lush Life'.
22) Los Bitchos-"Don't Change"  From the forthcoming album 'Talkie Talkie'.
23) Thee Sacred Souls-"Lucid Girl"  From the brand new album ''.
24) Maya Hawke-"Wrong Again"  From the brand new album 'Chaos Angel'.
25) Kate Davis-"DDR"  From the brand new single for "DDR".
26) Marina Allen-"Between Seasons"  From the brand new album 'Eight Pointed Star'.
27) Paul McCartney and Wings-"Soily (One Hand Clapping Sessions)"  From the brand new album 'One Hand Clapping Sessions'.
28) Diary-"Sunday's Shadow"  From the brand new single for "Sunday's Shadow".
29) Rose Hotel-"Not Like That"  From the brand new album 'A Pawn Surrender'.
30) Hermanos Gutiérrez-"It's All In Your Mind"  From the brand new album 'Sonido C​ó​smico'.
31) "The Mid-Morning Recording"         Komeda-'Kokomemedada'
I love Komeda. A most superb Swedish band that started in the late 80's, but decided in the mid-90's to released material in English. I first heard about them while they were on tour with Ben Folds Five, and by the end of their set, I was totally taken in by their music. The show was the only concert I saw inside the San Antonio rock club, Sneakers, which closed soon after Ben Folds Five and Komeda played there. They had only released one album in English at that time, and their next album I would consider their best of their output. They only released four studio albums between 1993 and 2003. This is the fourth, released in 2003, and their third in English. Apparently the band still exists, but apart from a few guest vocal appearances by their lead singer Lena Karlsson, no one has heard anything from the group since. The last album we played by them was in 2009, and since I recently acquired a CD copy of this particular album, I thought it needed to be shared as an MMR. A little more experimental in nature, but still the spacey hooks are plentiful. Such a great band, and I would love to see them back out there at some point. "Go berserk, let it work, now go, do the right thing. B-L-O double S O-M, do the right thing" - Michael - MFL
32) James-"Sayonara"  From the album 'Wah-Wah'.
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