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Best of 2013
A MFL tradition.
The last broadcast of the year features some of our favorite
tunes released in 2013, followed by Orlando's favorite album
of the year as the 'Mid-Morning Recording'!!! 'Happy 2014 everyone!!!'
First broadcast - December 28, 2013
Can You Say Christmas? X
Michael and Orly return for the tenth year
in a row with a broadcast of new and classic songs featuring
holiday cheer! Followed by Michael's favorite album of
the year as the 'Mid-Morning Recording'!!!
'Let's make this Christmas mean something, this year.
First broadcast - December 21, 2013
Music For Listeners Can You Say Christmas Ten  
We Leave At Midnight - The 180
The fifty-second installment of "The 180" is hosted by
John Dailey of the San Antonio band We Leave At Midnight.
First broadcast - December 14, 2013

the 180  
Beats At Work - The 180
The fifty-first installment of "The 180" is hosted by
Chris Shippo and Ross Jarman. The guitar tech and drummer for
The Cribs have a new side project called Beats At Work,
and they agreed to takeover in November for us with three hours
of some of their favorite Beats At Work.
First broadcast - November 30, 2013
the 180  
Music For Listeners celebrates 50 Years of Doctor Who
In honor of the science fiction television show turning 50 today!!!

Doctor Who turns fifty on this day, so Music For Listeners decided
to pick out some music and sounds from the past 50 years of the
program to celebrate! Everything from folk dances to classical to
alternative rock, the show explores some of our favorite music
from the series, as well as some music inspired by it.
First Broadcast - November 23, 2013
Doctor Who 50th on MFL  
The Most Moshi Moshi - 15th Anniversary Edition
In honor of the label's 15th Anniversary

Three plus hours of music from the great UK label
First Broadcast - November 2, 2013
Moshi Moshi Records  
Carol Cleveland Sings - The 180
The fiftieth installment of "The 180" is hosted by the solo project
of Thomas Hughes, Carol Cleveland Sings. Thomas is mainly
known as the bassist and co-singer for The Spinto Band, but since
they already had the honor of doing the first episode of "The 180", I
thought I would ask Thomas to do one for the 50th!
He obviously agreed, and he has lots of rare
Halloween goodies to share with us on his broadcast.
First broadcast - October 26, 2013

the 180  

Ron Wilkins - The 180
The forty-ninth installment of "The 180" is hosted
by low brass performer and vocalist Ron Wilkins.
Three hours of music with the
trombonist and educator extraordinaire.
His episode of "The 180" is uber-eclectic.
First broadcast - September 28, 2013

the 180  
Graham Reynolds - The 180
The forty-eighth installment of "The 180" features composer
and pianist Graham Reynolds. Based out of Austin, Texas, you
may have seen Graham play with his group The Golden Arm Trio, or
you may have seen his name on a few television
and film credits including amazing compostions for
the Richard Linklater films "Bernie" and "Before Midnight".
First broadcast - August 31, 2013
Rebroadcast - July 31, 2021
Graham Reynolds - Official Page Listen
Thoughts Detecting Machines - The 180
The forty-seventh installment of "The 180"
features the project Thoughts Detecting Machines.
Rick Valentin of the Champaign/Urbana bands Poster Children
and Salaryman has a somewhat new solo project.
He just released his first CD under this moniker compiling
the first two Thoughts Dectecting Machines vinyl EP's together.
As a long time fan of all of the projects Rick has been involved
in over the years, I asked him to go solo for his own
edition of "The 180". The show features pieces of music
with a basis of one tone, riff, or melody.
First broadcast - July 27, 2013
the 180  
Anthony Dean-Harris - The 180
The forty-sixth installment of "The 180" features
KRTU's own Anthony Dean-Harris. As the blog writer for
and as the host of "The Line-Up" on KRTU, Anthony is on the up and up
with the newest Jazz out there. Hear him takeover Music For Listeners
and program his own show of varied genres.
First broadcast - June 29, 2013
the 180  
A Birthday Primal Scream with Orly and Miguel
Orly and Miguel "From Hell" host an episode of MFL of
all Primal Scream in honor of their newest release. Orly's birthday
broadcast features three hours of music from one of
Music For Listeners favorite all-time bands!
First broadcast June 8, 2013
A Primal Scream - MFL  
Ann Stover - The 180
The forty-fifth installment of "The 180" features
Dallas singer-songwriter Ann Stover. We found
Ann a couple of years back on Soundcloud, and we ended
up being the first place to play her music on the radio. She
blends indie-pop, country, folk, and dance music
together showcasing her favorite musical influences.
First broadcast - May 25, 2013
the 180  
Almost Live from Mixboy Central
MT and Heff-Ra are "Almost Live", with
an all vinyl session from Mixbox Central.
A wacky and trippy mixfest featuring choice
selections from both of their vinyl collections.
Recorded to hard drive directly from vinyl and
presented to the listener for broadcast.
First broadcast - May 11, 2013
Space Music  
Jason Trevino - The 180
The forty-fourth installment of "The 180" features
San Antonio singer/songwriter Jason Trevino. You may have
seen him play around town in one of his many bands
throughout the years, and now he leads up The Rosedale Highs.
He picks out three hours of music ranging from amazing
powerpop to the dark and melancholy.
First broadcast - April 27, 2013
the 180  
Record Store Day 2013
We love the vinyl and we love the local music store.
Some of our favorite releases from Record Store Day 2013
Get out there and buy some music!
First broadcast - April 20, 2013
Record Store Day 2014  
Tom Green - The 180
The forty-third installment of "The 180" features composer,
keyboardist, and percussionist Tom Green. Known for his work under the name
Another Fine Day, and his work with The Orb throughout
their career, Tom brings an amazingly atmospheric three hours of non-stop music.
First broadcast - March 30, 2013
Rebroadcast - May 27, 2023
Tom Green - 180.43 - Stream Listen
MFL at SXSW 2013
Music For Listeners presents our annual broadcast
featuring three hours of music from our favorite artists playing
this year's SXSW! There are so many great bands
this year, you'll have to listen in to hear how many
artists we can pack into only three hours!
First broadcast - March 16, 2013
Miguel 'from hell' Conchas - The 180
The forty-second installment of "The 180" will feature
longtime Music For Listeners friend and San Antonio
legend, Miguel Conchas. He's a world traveller and a member
of the Peace Corps, so it's bound to be an international affair.
Miguel picks three hours of his musicial favorites.
First broadcast - February 23, 2013
the 180  
Fixers - The 180
The forty-first installment of "The 180" features the
UK band Fixers. In 2012, they released a brilliant
debut album, and their 180 can be best described
as an avant garde psychedelic trip through
the many varied influences of the band.
First broadcast - January 26, 2013
the 180  
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