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Best of 2015
A MFL tradition.
The last broadcast of the year features some of our favorite
tunes released in 2015, followed by Orly's favorite album
of the year as the 'Mid-Morning Recording'!!! 'Happy 2016 everyone!!!'
First broadcast - December 26, 2015
Can You Say Christmas? XII
Michael and Orly return for the twelfth year
in a row with a broadcast of new and classic songs featuring
holiday cheer! Followed by Michael's favorite album of
the year as the 'Mid-Morning Recording'!!!
'Let's make this Christmas mean something, this year.
First broadcast - December 19, 2015
Music For Listeners Can You Say Christmas Twelve  
Michael Chapa of The Saarinens - The 180
The seventy-sixth installment of "The 180" is hosted by Michael Chapa
of the San Antonio band The Saarinens. A San Antonio super
group of sorts consisting of members from many bands around
the San Antonio area. The project is led by Michael Chapa, who
has many varied influences, and in 2015 they put out
their debut release to critical acclaim.
First broadcast - December 12, 2015
the 180  
The Crookes - The 180
The seventy-fifth installment of "The 180" is hosted by
Sheffield UK band The Crookes. Now long time friends and favs
of MFL, the band is about to release their fourth
album. A load of favorites and influences, and even
a set of music from other Sheffield artists.
First broadcast - November 28, 2015
the 180  
Chris Duel - The 180
The seventy-fourth installment of "The 180"
is hosted by San Antonio radio personality
Chris Duel. He's a sports fan, a music lover, and
a lover of life. Some Beatles, some Manilow, and
certainly one of the most eclectic episodes of "The 180" ever.
First broadcast - October 31, 2015
the 180  
Heavenly Recordings - 25th Anniversary Celebration
In honor of the 25th Anniversary of one of our
favorite labels, MFL presents a special
look back at the catalog of Heavenly Recordings;
including long-time favs, new favs, and some rarities as well.
Happy Birthday Heavenly Recordings!!!

First broadcast - October 10, 2015
MFL - Heavenly Recordings 25th Anniversary Show  
The Five-Hour Kraftwerk
In honor of their first shows in Texas since 1981, and in
honor of Music For Listeners finally seeing them perform in
concert, MFL presents a marathon five hour broadcast
dedicated to the German techno pioneers.
First broadcast - September 26, 2015
MFL - Kraftwerk  
The Good Graces - The 180
The seventy-third installment of "The 180" is hosted by Atlanta based band The Good Graces. They released a really great album last year, and the bandplayed for MFL at this year's ElSapo parties. They hung out the whole day,
and they certainly like really like good music.
It should be a pretty eclectic show!
First broadcast - September 19, 2015
the 180  
Tribute to Bart Koch
A celebration of the life of artist, DJ, and friend
Bart Koch, who passed away on September 9th 2015.
First broadcast - September 12, 2015
Bart Koch  
Andy Falconer - The 180
The seventy-second installment of "The 180" is hosted by
electronic music composer and photographer, Andy Falconer.
After a little bit of time spent in the Orb collective, he put out
an amazing solo release, "Falconer", and then seemed
to have dropped out of music for a long while. Now after
becoming a photographer and raising a family, he is back
composing electronic work with his project 20-12, and others.
First broadcast - August 29, 2015
the 180  
The Ship-Tones - The 180
The seventy-first installment of "The 180" is hosted by
the indie-reggae outing The Ship-Tones. Chris Shippo
of Beats At Work and stage tech for The Cribs is putting
out an album under the name The Ship-Tones.
In honor of that release Chris is taking over for his
second episode of "The 180. We are curious to hear what
direction this broadcast will go. He had lots of special
guests on The Ship-Tones album, and
we can't wait to hear what he will bring.
First broadcast - July 25, 2015
the 180  
The Orielles - The 180
The seventieth installment of "The 180" - Guest programmers
take over a whole 180 minutes of Music For Listeners.
180.70 features Halifax and Liverpool band The Orielles!
One of our favorite new bands! Loads of great music,
some fun games, and they even answer some questions for their fans!
First broadcast - June 27, 2015
the 180  
Youth - The 180
The sixty-ninth installment of "The 180" - Guest programmers
take over a whole 180 minutes of Music For Listeners.
180.69 features bassist and producer Youth!!!
As a long time fan of his work with Killing Joke, The Orb, Blue Pearl,
The Fireman, and his production work with
bands like The Verve, Embrace, Mumm-Ra, Pink Floyd, and many
others, we are super excited that he has decided to take part
in his own episode of The 180!!! A nice retrospective of his past work!
First broadcast - May 23, 2015
the 180  
Ester Segretto - The 180
The sixty-eighth installment of "The 180" - Guest programmers
take over a whole 180 minutes of Music For Listeners.
180.68 features New York based rock photographer
Ester Segretto. She takes some amazing photographs,
and she picked out some great tunes for her own three hours of radio.
First broadcast - April 25, 2015
the 180  
Record Store Day 2015
Some of our favorite releases for Record Store Day 2015!
Listen in to our annual RSD broadcast, and then wake up in
the morning to go to your local record store!
Support vinyl releases and independent record stores!
First broadcast - April 18, 2015
Record Store Day 2015  
J.J. Lopez - The 180
The sixty-seventh installment of "The 180" - Guest programmers
take over a whole 180 minutes of Music For Listeners.
180.67 features DJ and KRTU Station General Manager
J.J. Lopez. Even though JJ is a long time favorite in
San Antonio for his soul sets around town, something
tells us that his episode of The 180 will journey further
out than just soul and rhythm and blues.
First broadcast - March 28, 2015
the 180  
Gold-Bears - The 180
Guest programmers take over a whole 180 minutes of Music For Listeners.
The sixty-sixth installment of "The 180" - 180.66 features
another great Atlanta band, Gold-Bears. They played
a great set for us at the old Flat Top Burger Shop in 2013
with September's 2014 guests Small Reactions! Join Jeremy of
Gold-Bears play a ton of great indepedent rock from the past 40 years or so!
First broadcast - February 28, 2015
the 180  
Teen Men - The 180
Guest programmers take over a whole 180 minutes of Music For Listeners.
The sixty-fifth installment of "The 180" features the
Delaware band Teen Men. Out of The Spinto Band collective
comes this great project full of amazing talent. A great playlist full of surprises!
First broadcast - January 31, 2015
the 180  
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