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MFL Favorites 2019
A MFL tradition.
The last broadcast of the year features some of our favorite
tunes released in 2019, followed by Orly's favorite album
of the year as the 'Mid-Morning Recording'!!! Happy 2020 everyone!!!
First broadcast - December 28, 2019
MFL Favorites - 2019  
Can You Say Christmas XVI?
Michael and Orly return for the sixteenth year
in a row with a broadcast of new and classic songs featuring
holiday cheer! Followed by Michael's favorite album of
the year as the 'Mid-Morning Recording'!!!
Let's make this Christmas mean something, this year.
First broadcast - December 21, 2019
Music For Listeners Can You Say Christmas Sixteen  
Joan Carroll - The 180
The one-hundredth and twenty-second installment of "The 180" is
hosted by singer and KRTU host of 'The Jazz Voice', Joan Carroll.
A familiar voice to the KRTU airwaves, Joan presents some 'Music For Listeners'
reflecting her eclectic musicial tastes. Playing a few sides for
the first live from the KRTU studio version of "The 180".
First broadcast - December 14, 2019
KRTU Website  
Dominic Anthony - The 180
The one-hundredth and twenty-first installment of "The 180" is hosted by
KRTU intern and aspiring journalist Dominic Anthony. Trinity University
student and KRTU intern Dominic Anthony brings the listeners some of his
favorites from the past ten years of releases. Songs and artists that he
deems important and engaging during the 2010's.
First broadcast - November 30, 2019
Halloween on Wikipedia  
Halloween with Randy Haecker - The 180
The one-hundredth and twentieth installment of "The 180" is hosted by
media director and music journalist Randy Haecker! Just two months
after his first episode of "The 180", Randy returns for a show of all
Halloween tunes for the ghosts and goblins listening in. Most of the show
features some rare cuts along with a few familiar tunes sprinkled in.
Enjoy the musical potion!
First broadcast - October 26, 2019
Randy Haecker Halloween 2019 Listen
Claudine Meinhardt - The 180
The one-hundredth and nineteenth installment of "The 180" is hosted by
San Antonio based singer/songwriter Claudine Meinhardt! Claudine shares some
of her influences stemming from folk to country to blues to pop,
and even a little bit of yacht rock thrown in.
First broadcast - September 28, 2019
Claudine Meinhardt Official Facebook Page  
Tribute to Ric Ocasek
A tribute to the songwriter, singer, producer, artist, and humorist
Ric Ocasek. Over three hours of music from The Cars,
his solo work, and the bands he produced over the years.
Rest In Peace
Ric Ocasek - 1944-2019

First broadcast - September 21, 2019
Ric Ocasek - Wikipedia Page  
Blushing - MFL Session
To celebrate the release of the debut album release of the Austin band Blushing,
we asked the band to come down to San Antonio and have them record a session
inside KRTU's Studio B. Only our second MFL Session over the years, but hopefully not the last!
Recorded - August 11, 2019
First broadcast - September 7, 2019
Blushing - Bandcamp Page  
Randy Haecker - The 180
The one-hundredth and eighteenth installment of "The 180" is hosted by
media director and music journalist Randy Haecker! San Antonio
residents of the 80's and 90's may know him from his days at
Hogwild Records, or as the manager of Eclipse Records. Long time
friend of Orly and Michael's, Randy picks three hours of
his favorites during the month of our 20th anniversary.
First broadcast - August 31, 2019
Randy Haecker Halloween 2019  
MFL XX - Music Picked By Listeners
Michael and Orly ask their friends and family to choose
one song each to play on the official 20th Anniversary broadcast!
Three hours of tunes picked by the ones we love and who love us!
First Broadcast - August 24, 2019
Music For Listeners 20th Anniversary  
MFL XX - All Killer, No Filler
A special five hour broadcast of some of Michael's favorite tracks
of the past 20 years! He tried to limit it to 3 to 4 hours, but it
was too difficult to do. It ended up being one of the hardest
shows for Michael to put together. He knows he forgot
something as well. Thanks for listening, but if you
aren't listening, then the show isn't for you.
First Broadcast - August 17, 2019
Music For Listeners 20th Anniversary  
Andy Falconer - The 180
The one-hundredth and seventeenth installment of "The 180" is hosted by
musician, producer, and photographer Andy Falconer! He's worked with
The Orb, System 7, and others, as well as producing his own music over the years.
He is also a wonderful photographer of nature and architecture, as well
as being a really splendid fellow. He is one of our most regular listeners, listening
each week in all the way over in Berlin! This is his second episode
of "The 180" for our broadcast. The first being Episode 72 in August of
2015. Orly and I both agreed that he should be one of the first
to return to do another broadcast. This episode features
a great mix of Andy's newest music, including some
pieces exclusively made for Music For Listeners!
First broadcast - July 27, 2019
afp - Andy Falconer Projects Offcial Website  
MFL Moon - Apollo 11 at 50
Michael and his friend of 31 years, Mr. Ross Ruediger host an
epic five hour broadcast featuring some of their favorite moon music to
celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 landing on the moon!
NOTE: A few songs were edited out of the second MMR. I felt that I
needed to edit it since it was just released this week.
First broadcast - July 20, 2019
NASA Apollo Missions at 50 Website  
Orlando Torres - The 180
The one-hundredth and sixteenth installment of "The 180" is hosted
by Orlando Torres, co-host and co-producer of Music For Listeners!
Even though Orly is on the show pretty much every week as a co-producer,
he had to take a few weeks off as a co-host for rest and relaxation. So with
this episode of "The 180" Orly returns to MFL hosting duties with a show that is
that is 100% programmed and hosted by himself! Some of his all-time
favorites, and some surprises in store.
Program one of Music For Listeners XX celebration!
First broadcast - June 29, 2019
Music For Listeners Official Website  
The 180 with David Gedge
of The Wedding Present and Cinerama
180.03- Rebroadcast

A rebroadcast of episode 180.03 featuring David Gedge of The Wedding Present and Cinerama.
His special guest, Terry de Castro sits in with him and they play some music unplugged.
The acoustic sessions they recorded originally for this 2009 broadcast
were released on vinyl and CD in 2014 on the Cinerama compilation
'Seven Wonders of the World'. It is nice to see the name
"Music For Listeners" on an actual Cinerama release. Thanks to David
and Terry for their long time support of Music For Listeners!!!
First broadcast - October 17, 2009
Second broadcast - May 25, 2019
Official Website of The Wedding Present and the band Cinerama  
The 180 with John Mark Lapham
of The Earlies
180.02- Rebroadcast

A remastered rebroadcast of episode
180.02 featuring John-Mark Lapham of The Earlies.
His special guest, Ivo Watts Russell, founder
of 4AD records programs the middle hour.
First broadcast - September 26, 2009
Second broadcast - April 27, 2019
John Mark Lapham on Discogs  
Record Store Day - 2019
Record Store Day 2019 is on Saturday April 13!
To celebrate, MFL brings to you some of our favorite
offerings being released or re-released on the annual day for vinyl lovers!
First broadcast - April 13, 2019
Record Store Day 2019  
Chip Adams - The 180
The one-hundredth and fifteenth installment of "The 180" is hosted
by Chip Adams, co-founder of the great Austin based
record label, Modern Outsider. We've known Chip for a few years
since he released some of our favorite albums in the past few
years, and also hosted a few of his artists at our parties;
from The Crookes to Moving Panoramas and others.
He used to host his own radio show, so he brought his
expertise and his love of music to the KRTU airwaves.
First broadcast - March 30, 2019
Modern Outsider - Official Website  
SXSW 2019 Favorites
Some of our favorite artists officially playing
this year's SXSW Music Conference.
First broadcast - March 16, 2019
SXSW - Official Website  
Albert Salinas - The 180
The one-hundredth and fourteenth installment of "The 180" is hosted by
Albert Salinas, the current KRTU Operations Manager.
He is host of the Thursday night KRTU program "Live and Local", and being that
he is a fan of so many different kinds of music, we thought him doing a
broadcast of "The 180" would be something that he would love to do.
His show is super eclectic and varied. Just like we like it.
First broadcast - February 23, 2019
KRTU - Official Website  
Davie Miller of Finiflex and Many Animals - The 180
The one-hundredth and thirteenth installment of "The 180" is hosted by
Davie Miller, one of the founding members of the band Finitribe!
These days, he usually works under the project name Many Animals, but in 2017 he rejoined forces
with Finitribe member John Vick to record under the name
Finiflex, a name taken from their record label started in the late 80's. Finiflex released a new album in 2018 titled 'Sulliven'.
After being big fans of the band for over 25 years, we are super honored to
have a member of Finitribe guest host an episode of "The 180".
First broadcast - January 26, 2019
Finitribe - Official Facebook Page  
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