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Orlando with Goldie Lookin' Chain

Orlando and I were just walking down the street when these guys were turning the corner.  

It had to be the G.L.C.…and it was. We caught up with them and Orly posed for this most excellent picture. 

The bumper stickers were plastered all over the festival.

e GLC website is crazy, and it should only be viewed by the 18 and over crowd.

SXSW 2005



The Adored   

Michael A. Thomas

First for Friday was a live set and interview with The Adored, from Los Angeles.  
Their set and their first E.P. really showed off their brit-pop influences.
We recorded their energetic set and then Orlando interviewed them.

On the way out of the venue, we ran into the rhythm section of the band Ash.  You just never know who you’ll find at SXSW.

Second on the list for Friday was Dawn of the Replicants at
Habana Calle 6, a great Cuban restaurant on 6th street.  The whole band was very cordial and they had lovely hosts for the week of SXSW.  (I was I had more pictures of them along with pictures of their hosts.  Our camera battery must have died.)

This was the band’s first time in the U.S., and they seemed to be enjoying their time in south Texas.  Their hosts even brought them down to San Antonio for a day.  Smart girls!  We had technical difficulties recording the interview, so we ended up recording a second take.  They were quite happy with a practice run.  The perils of radio interviews.

I ate a full Cuban meal for the first time, and I was very impressed with everything I had.  Orlando’s had an empanada and it looked tasty.

         The Dawn of the Replicants

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The band rocked and lived up to their reputation of a John Peel recommendation.  They played a version of “Rhinestone Cowboy” that was a riot of a good time, and our recording of the show came off without a hitch.

Another highlight of the night was meeting artist
Mary Trodden. She did a lot of the cover art for Dawn of the Replicants and she showed Orly and I her portfolio; which was totally amazing.  I should have her do some art for me someday.  Check her website out, it’s very special indeed.  Thanks to the band for being so f’ing cool, John Peel for introducing me to their music, and thanks to Meredith for the dances.

On the way to the Spin party we happened to be passing Stubb’s as Bloc Party started their set.

Maximo Park at the Spin Party

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Maximo Park at SXSW

We listened to about half their set from the street behind the venue.  They played a lot tighter at Stubb’s than they played the night before.  Plus, they played “Like Eating Glass”, which is my favorite Bloc Party song.  Then…we went onto the Spin party

Then we were onto the Spin party, which ended up being at a suburban house in south Austin.

The party was surreal to say the least.  When we arrived Maximo Park was starting their set in the backyard.  James Iha, formerly of the Smashing Pumpkins was hanging about checking out the show. 

Idlewild at the Spin Party

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Idlewild at SXSW 2005

Almost immediately after Maximo Park finished their set, Idlewild started their set in the den of this family house.  

Roddy s
aid that they had never played in a living room before so that made it even more special to be apart of.  It was very strange to see a Capitol Records band playing a house party.  It was hot.  

Idlewild blew through their rockin’ hits, leaving their slower numbers for their showcase the following night.  It was a great ending for our SXSW.

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