Music For Listeners 2006/01/28
The Bravery Interview

1) The Beastie Boys-"Country Mike's Theme" From the CD 'Anthology'.
2) Blur-"Rednecks" From the UK CD single for "End of the Century".
3) The Flaming Lips-"The W.A.N.D." From the forthcoming CD 'War of the Mystics'.
4) Bricolage-"Bayonets" From the CD single for "Flowers of Deceit".
5) Johnny Boy-"15 Minutes" From the forthcoming CD 'Johnny Boy E.P.'.
6) The Light Footwork-"Coastlines are Landmines" From the CD 'One State Two State'.
7) Belle and Sebastian-"Funny Little Frog" From the forthcoming CD 'The Life Pursuit'.
8) Au Revoir Simone-"Through the Backyards" From the CD 'Verses of Comfort, Assurance & Salvation'.
9) Acid House Kings with Don Lennon-"Tonight is Forever" From the CD E.P. 'Everyone Sings Along with Acid House Kings'.
10) Jim Noir-"Turbulent Weather" From the brand new CD 'Tower of Love'.
11) Voxtrot-"Whiskey" From the first demo E.P.
12) The Bravery-"Swollen Summer" From the CD 'The Bravery'.
13) The Bravery Interview - Segment 01 - "Unconditional" From the CD 'The Bravery'.
14) The Bravery Interview - Segment 02 - "Fearless" From the CD 'The Bravery'.
15) The Bravery Interview - Segment 03 - "An Honest Mistake" From the CD 'The Bravery'.
16) The Bravery Interview - Segment 04 - "No Brakes" From the CD 'The Bravery'
17) The Bravery Interview - Segment 05 - "Public Service Announcement" From the CD 'The Bravery'.
18) Shit Disco-"Disco Blood" From the brand new UK CD single for "Disco Blood".
19) Le Sport-"Tell No One About Tonight" From the Swedish CD single for "Tell No One About Tonight"
20) Wolfmother-"Dimension" From the brand new CD E.P. 'Dimensions'.
21) My Morning Jacket-"What A Wonderful Man" From the CD 'Z'.
22) U-Roy-"My Girl" From the CD 'Your Ace from Space'.
23) Kate Bush-"The Painter's Link" From the CD 'Aerial'.
24) Kate Bush-"Sunset" From the CD 'Aerial'.
25) Nancy Wallace-"Are You Ready for Love?" From the CD 'Young Hearts E.P.'.
26) "The Mid-Morning Recording" The Whigs-'Give 'Em All A Big Fat Lip'
27) James-"Sayonara" From the CD 'Wah-Wah'.
28) Jens Lekman-"I Don't Know if She's Worth 900 Kronar" From the CD 'The Australian Tour E.P.'.
29) Pants Yell!-"Tram #7 to Heaven" From the CD 'Asaurus Records EP Club #10'.

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