Music For Listeners 2006/03/11

1) The Beastie Boys-"Country Mike's Theme" From the CD 'Anthology'.
2) Rick Moranis-"Nine More Gallons" From the CD 'The Agoraphobic Cowboy'. is that Rick Moranis, he did sing in "A Little Shop of Horrors" if you remember.
3) Mates of State-"Fraud in the 80's" From the forthcoming CD 'Bring It Back'.
4) Good Shoes-"We Are Not the Same" From the brand new CD single for "We Are Not the Same".
5) The Mechanical Walking Robotboy-"Four Leaf Clover" From the brand new CD 'Slow'.
6) Delays-"Valentine" From the brand new UK CD single for "Valentine".
7) Tapes N Tapes-"Just Drums" From the CD 'The Loon'.
8) Birdmonster-"All Holes in the Walls" From the CD 'Birdmonster E.P.'.
9) The Dimes-"Goose Geese Bay" From their demo E.P.
10) Seventeen Evergreen-"Music is the Wine" From the vinyl LP 'Life
Embarrasses Me On Planet Earth'.
11) Dawn of the Replicants-"Little Driver" From the brand new CD 'Fangs'.
12) Be Your Own Pet-"Let's Get Sandy" From the brand new CD single for "Let's Get Sandy".
13) Hot Chip-"Over and Over" From the CD single for "Over and Over".
14) Belle and Sebastian-"Another Sunny Day" From the CD 'The Life Pursuit'.
15) Stereolab-"Get A Shot of the Refrigerator" From the brand new 7" single for 'Excursions Into "Oh, A Oh"'.
16) John Dufilho-"What Are you Waiting For?" From the CD 'John Dufilho'.
17) Bishop Allen-"Corazon" From the CD single for "Corazon". Apparently
Bishop Allen is putting out a CD single every month this year, "Corazon" is the single for January.
18) Sparrow House-"When I'm Gone (Demo)" From the forthcoming not yet
titled E.P. Jared Van Fleet's side band, he's the organist from Voxtrot!
19) Maximo Park-"My Life in Reverse" From the b-side compilation CD 'Missing Songs'.
20) Bricolage-"Footsteps" From the CD single for "Flowers of Deceit".
21) The Concretes-"Chosen One" From the forthcoming CD 'In Colour".
22) Two Gallants-"Las Cruses Jail" From the CD 'What the Toll Tells'.
23) Built to Spill-"Conventional Wisdom" From the forthcoming CD 'You In Reverse'.
24) The Vines-"Don't Listen To the Radio" From the forthcoming CD 'Vision Valley'.
25) The Adored-"Tell Me, Tell Me" From the forthcoming CD 'A New Language'.
26) Peel-"Moxy Blues" From the untitled demo E.P.
27) Kate Bush-"Aerial" From the CD 'Aerial'.
28) The Magic Numbers-"There Is A Light That Never Goes Out (Dermot O'Leary
Radio 2 Session)" From the second limited edition white vinyl UK 7" single for "I See You, You See Me".
29) "The Mid-Morning Recording" Jim Noir-'Tower of Love'.
30) James-"Sayonara" From the CD 'Wah-Wah'.

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