Music For Listeners 2006/03/25

1) The Beastie Boys-"Country Mike's Theme" From the CD 'Anthology'.
2) BJ Thomas-"Another Done Somebody Wrong Song" From the CD 'Hooked on a
Feeling - The Best of'.
3) The Radio Dept.-"The Worst Taste In Music" From the brand new CD single
for "The Worst Taste In Music".
4) Kraftwerk-"Chrono/Tour de France 2 (Live)" From the CD 'Minimum/Maximum'.
5) The Orb-"Cool Harbour" From the CD 'Okie Dokey It's The Orb on Kompakt'.
6) Oppenheimer-"Saturday Night Looks Bad To Me" From the forthcoming CD 'Oppenheimer'.
7) Belle and Sebastian-"The Blues Are Still Blue" From the CD 'The Life Pursuit'.
8) Yeah Yeah Yeahs-"Way Out" From the forthcoming CD 'Show Your Bones'.
9) The Mechanical Walking Robot Boy-"Red Spider Killer" From the brand new CD 'Slow'.
10) Mates of State-"Ha Ha" From the CD 'Team Boo'.
11) Be Your Own Pet-"Extra Extra" From the 7" single for "Extra Extra".
12) Dios (Malos)-"I'm Dumb After All" Unreleased track sent to us by the band.
13) Dawn of the Replicants-"Fangs" From the brand new CD 'Fangs'.
14) Nine Black Alps-"Unsatisfied" From the CD 'Everything Is'.
15) The Whiggins-"Cold" From the CD 'The Greatest Apes E.P.
16) The Young Knives-"Weekends and Bleak Days" From the CD 'Junky Music
Make My Heart Beat Faster'.
17) Pants Yell!-"Kids Are the Same" From the CD 'Recent Drama'.
18) Cornershop-"Candyman" From the CD 'When I Was Born For the Seventh Time'.
19) Treewave-"May Banners" From the CD 'Cabana E.P.'.
20) Jose Gonzalez-"Love Stain" From the CD 'Veneer'.
21) Fleetwood Mac-"Sands of Time" From the CD 'Future Games'.
22) The Orb-"Sail" From the CD 'Orbsessions V1'. For LX.
23) Jim Noir-"I Me You I'm Your" From the CD 'Tower of Love'.
24) The Flaming Lips-"Free Radicals " From the forthcoming CD 'At War With The Mystics'.
25) Low-"Canada" From the CD 'Trust'.
26) Cocteau Twins-"Bluebeard From the CD 'Four-Calendar Café'
27) The Wedding Present-"It's For You" From the CD 'Take Fountain'.
28) The Spinto Band-"Japan is An Island" From the CD 'Nice and Nicely
29) "The Mid Morning Recording" Flake Music-'When You Land Here It's Time To Return'
30) James-"Sayonara" From the CD 'Wah-Wah'.

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