Music For Listeners 2006/04/29
Mates of State Interview

1) Ernest Tubb-"Let's Say Goodbye Like We Said Hello" From the CD 'The Best of Ernest Tubb'.
2) The Spinto Band-"Trust Vs Mistrust" From the CD 'Nice and Nicely Done'.
3) The Rakes-"Strasbourg" From the CD 'Capture/Release'.
4) Voxtrot-"Soft and Warm" From the CD 'Mothers Sisters Daughters and Wives EP'.
5) Matmos-"Roses and Teeth for Ludwig Wittgenstein" From the forthcoming CD 'The Rose Has Teeth In the Mouth of the Beast'.
6) Snow Patrol-"You Could Be Happy" From the CD 'Eyes Open'.
7) Electrelane-"Film Music" From the CD 'Rock It To the Moon'.
8) Field Music-"Luck Is A Fine Thing" From the CD 'Field Music'.
9) Silkworm-"YRWeb" From the CD 'Lifestyle'.
10) Mates of State-"Think Long" From the CD 'Bring It Back'.
11) Mates of State - MFL Interview Segment 01 - "Fraud in the 80's" From the CD 'Bring It Back'.
12) Mates of State - MFL Interview Segment 02 - "Fluke" From the CD 'Team Boo'.
13) Mates of State - MFL Interview Segment 03 - "Like You Crazy" From the CD 'Bring It Back'.
14) Buttercup-"Hot Love" From the forthcoming CD 'Hot Love'.
15) Architecture in Helsinki-"In Case We Die Parts 1-4" From the CD 'In Case We Die'.
16) Jose Gonzalez-"All You Deliver" From the CD 'Veneer'.
17) Elliott Smith-"Baby Britain" From the CD 'XO'.
18) Sound Team-"Orange Bird" From the CD 'Work E.P.'.
19) Sound Team-"The Fastest Man Alive" From the CD 'Work E.P.'
20) Dr. Dog-"The World May Never Know" From the CD 'Easy Beat'.
21) The Flaming Lips-"Free Radicals" From the CD 'At War With the Mystics'.
22) Ween-"Transdermal Celebration" From the CD 'Quebec'.
23) Nick Drake-"Three Hours (Acoustic Version)" From the CD 'Made to Love Magic'.
24) The Verve-"Man Called Sun (Live)" From the CD single for "Gravity Grave".
25) "The Mid-Morning Recording" The Futureheads-'The Futureheads'.
26) Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds-"Red Right Hand" From the CD 'Let Love In'.
26) James-"Sayonara" From the CD 'Wah-Wah'.

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