Music For Listeners 2006/05/06
Big Soy Interview

1) Johnny Cash-"25 Minutes To Go (Live)" From the vinyl LP 'Live at Folsom Prison'.
2) Mission of Burma-"2wice" From the forthcoming CD 'The Obliterati'.
3) The Come On's-"Red Lips and Fingertips" From the CD 'The Come On's.
4) MC5-"Rocket Reducer No. 62 (Rama Lama Fa Fa Fa) (Live)" From the CD 'Kick Out the Jams'.
5) Serena-Maneesh-"Drain Cosmetics" From the forthcoming CD 'Serena-Maneesh'.
6) Brothers and Sisters-"Without You" From the brand new CD 'Calla Lily'.
7) The Shells-"Cheap Motels" From the CD 'The Shells'.
8) Mates of State-"Beautiful Dreamer" From the CD 'Bring it Back'.
9) Pretty Girls Make Graves-"The Nocturnal House" From the CD 'Elan Vital'.
10)Buttercup-"Hello, Goodbye" From the forthcoming CD 'Hot Love'.
11) Big Soy-"Western Sizzler" From the brand new CD 'Part of You'.
12) Big Soy - MFL Interview Segment 01 - "That's Why Your Heart is Gone" From the CD 'Putting the ______ in ______'.
13) Big Soy - MFL Interview Segment 02 - "Sound of War" From the CD 'Putting the ______ in ______'.
14) Honey Thief-"7th Fold" From the CD E.P. 'Honey Thief'.
15) Voxtrot-"Sunlight Bathes the Golden Glow (Live)" From the CD 'Music For Listeners Sessions'.
16) The Mechanical Walking Robotboy-"Beautiful" From the CD 'Slow'.
17) Marcus Rubio-"Can't Let It Bring You Down" From the forthcoming CD 'Rhapsody in Plaid'.
18) Pants Yell!-"Your Feelings Don't Show" From the brand new CD 'Recent Drama'.
19) Nethers-"If the Shadow Suits You" From the CD 'In Fields We Will Lie'.
20) Komeda-"Nonsense" From the CD 'KoKoMeMeDaDa'
21) Starlight Mints-"Sidewalk" From the brand new CD 'Drowaton'.
22) Fleetwood Mac-"The Ledge" From the CD 'Tusk'.
23) Mirah-"We're Both So Sorry" From the CD 'C'mon Miracle'.
24) Wolfmother-"Witchcraft" From the forthcoming CD 'Wolfmother'.
25) Kate Bush-"The Painter's Link/Sunset" From the CD "Aerial".
26) "The Mid-Morning Recording" Sound Team-'Movie Monster'.
27) James-"Sayonara" From the CD 'Wah-Wah'.

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