Music For Listeners 2006/06/10
The Grates Interview SXSW 2006

1) The Beastie Boys-"Country Mike's Theme" From the CD 'Anthology'.
2) Don Williams-"Listen to the Radio" From the CD 'Greatest Hits Volume 3'.
3) Primal Scream-"Country Girl" From the brand new CD 'Riot City Blues'.
4) Field Music-"You're Not Supposed To" From their brand new compilation CD "Write Your Own History".
5) The Fiery Furnaces-"Teach Me Sweetheart" From the CD 'Bitter Tea'.
6) Howling Bells-"Blessed Night" From the CD 'Howling Bells'.
7) The Raconteurs-"Store Bought Bones" From the brand new CD 'Broken Boy Soldiers'.
8) Embrace-"I Can't Come Down" From the CD 'This New Day'.
9) The Flaming Lips-"The Wizard Turns On…." From the CD 'At War With the Mystics.
10) Lake Holiday-"In Whispers" From the CD E.P. "The Curse of Sunshine".
11) The Open-"We Can Never Say Goodbye" From the CD 'Statues'.
12) Special Needs-"Sylvia" From the CD 'Funfairs and Heartbreaks'.
13) The Grates - "Sukkafish" From the CD E.P. "The Ouch, The Touch".
14) The Grates - MFL Interview Segment One - "19 20 20" From the CD 'Gravity Won't Get You High'.
15) The Grates - MFL Interview Segment Two - "Science is Golden" From the CD 'Gravity Won't Get You High'.
16) The Charlatans (UK)-"Blacked Blue Eyes" From the CD 'Simpatico'.
17) Bo Diddley-"Bo Diddley" From the CD 'The Best of Bo Diddley'.
18) Arthur Baker featuring Tim Wheeler-"Glow (Radio Edit)" From the UK CD single for "Glow".
19) Oppenheimer featuring Tim Wheeler-"Orchids" From the brand new CD 'Oppenheimer'.
20) Sound Team-"Movie Monster" From the brand new CD 'Movie Monster'.
21) Honey Thief-"Signs" From the CD single for "7th Fold".
22) Buttercup-"Contagious" From the CD 'Hot Love'.
23) Big Soy-"Part of You" From the CD E.P. "Part of You".
24) Talking Heads-"The Great Curve" From the CD 'Remain in Light'.
25) James-"Dream Thrum" From the CD 'Laid'.
26) "The Mid-Morning Recording" Brian Eno-'Taking Tiger Mountain'
27) James-"Sayonara" From the CD 'Wah-Wah'.

Happy 25th - T and B!

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