Music For Listeners 2006/07/08
(Originally recorded for 2006/07/01)

1) The Beastie Boys-"Country Mike’s Theme" From the CD ‘Anthology’.
2) Hank Williams-"Move It On Over" From the CD ‘Gold’.
3) Sound Team-"Get Out/Born To Please" From the CD ‘Movie Monster’.
4) Tapes N’ Tapes-"Insistor" From the CD ‘The Loon’.
5) Big Soy-"Western Sizzler" From the CD E.P. "Part of You".
6) The Dimes-"What a Gasp (Live at The Limelight - Mar 2006)" Exclusively recorded for Music For Listeners.
7) The Raconteurs-"Store Bought Bones" From the CD ‘Broken Boy Soldier’.
8) Bears-"Over It" From the CD ‘Bears’,
9) Micah P Hinson-"For Your Eyes" From the CD ‘The Baby and the Satellite’.
10) The Earlies-"Little Trooper (Live at Emo's - Nov 2005)" Exclusively recorded for Music For Listeners.
11) Ned’s Atomic Dustbin-"Grey Cell Green" From the CD ‘God Fodder’.
12) Heatmiser-"Low Flying Jets" From the CD ‘Mic City Sons’.
13) The Whigs-"Half the World Away" From the CD ‘Give ‘Em All A Big Fat Lip’.
14) Luna-"Bewitched" From the CD ‘Bewitched’.
15) Be Your Own Pet-"Love Your Shotgun" From the CD ‘Be Your Own Pet’.
16) Kraftwerk-"Tour de France 1/Chrono/Tour de France 2 (Live)" From the CD ‘Minimum/Maximum’.
17) Salaryman-"Portwine Road" From the brand new CD ‘The Electric Forest’.
18) Pink Floyd-"Atom Heart Mother" From the vinyl LP transcription ‘Live at the Paris Theater1971’.
19) The Orb-"Earth (Gaia) (Patterns and Textures Version - Live Brixton Fridge)" From the CD soundtrack to ‘The Orb’s Adventures beyond the Ultraworld - Patterns and Textures Version’.
20) Lake Holiday -"In Whispers" From the CD E.P. 'The Curse of Sunshine'.
21) Bishop Allen-"The Monitor" From the CD E.P. "March".
22) Jose Gonzalez-"Deadweight on Velveteen" From the CD ‘Veneer’.
23) Camera Obscura - "Lloyd, I’m Ready to Be Heartbroken" From the forthcoming CD ‘Let’s Get Out of This Country’.
24) Acid House Kings-"Will You Love Me in the Morning?" From the CD ‘Sing Along With Acid House Kings’.
25) Embrace-"No Use Crying" From the CD ‘This New Day’.
26) "The Mid-Morning Recording" Low-'Things We Lost in the Fire'.
27) James-"Sayonara" From the CD ‘Wah-Wah’.

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