Music For Listeners 2006/07/15

Five Hours with The Orb!!!

All songs by the Orb unless noted...

1) The Beastie Boys-"Country Mike" From the CD 'Anthology'.
2) "Perpetual Dawn (UK album version)" From the UK Double CD version of 'The Orb's Adventures Beyond the Ultraworld'.
3) "Montagne D'or (Der Gute Burg)" From the CD 'Orbus Terrarum'.
4) "S.A.L.T." From the CD 'Orblivion'.
5) "Towers of Dub" From the CD 'U.F. Orb'.
6) "O.O.B.E. (Peel Session)" From the CD 'The Peel Sessions'.
7) "No Fun" (Peel Session)" From the CD 'The Peel Sessions'.
8) "Centuries" From the CD 'Cydonia'.
9) "Abstractions" From the Japanese version of 'Bicycles and Tricycles'.
10) "Molten Love (Berlin Session Film Mix)" From the CD 'Orbscure Trax - The Rare Excursions'. For Sarah....
11) MFL Interview with The Orb - "Segment One"
12) "Sail" From the CD 'Orbsessions Vol 1'. For Lisa.
13) "MFL Interview with The Orb - "Segment Two"
14) "Into the Fourth Dimension (Essences in Starlight)" From the CD 'Peel Sessions'.
15) MFL Interview with The Orb - "Segment Three"
16) F.F.W.D.-"Lucky Saddle" From the CD 'F.F.W.D.'.
17) F.F.W.D.-"Drone" From the CD 'F.F.W.D.'.
18) MFL Interview with The Orb - "Segment Four"
19) "The Blue Room (Full 40 Minute Version)" From the UK CD single for "The Blue Room".
20) "Freebird (featuring vocals by Andy Cain) (Live at Red 7 - Austin, TX)" Rough live mix that will hopefully see the light of day as a full blown single. "Jam on the Mutha" indeed.
21) The Orb - Live at Red 7 21.03.2006 - Austin, TX - Exclusively recorded for broadcast on Music For Listeners. A full live set by LX and Thomas of The Orb! Thanks to LX for letting us get it down for the people to hear!
22) "Majestic (Millwall Mix)" From the CD compilation 'Trance Europe Express'.
23) "His Immortal Logness" From the CD 'Pomme Fritz'.

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