Music For Listeners 2006/09/16
Artists performing at the Austin City Limits Music Festival – 2006

1) The Beastie Boys-“Country Mike’s Theme” From the CD ‘Anthology’.
2) Willie Nelson-“Bloody Mary Morning” From the CD ‘Phases and Stages’.
3) Muse-“Assassin” From the CD ‘Black Holes and Revelations’.
4) The Dears-“Ticket To Immortality” From the UK CD single for “Ticket to Immortality”.
5) The Flaming Lips-“Are You An Hypnotist??” From the CD ‘Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots’.
6) The Flaming Lips-“Free Radicals” From the CD ‘At War With the Mystics’.
7) Explosions in the Sky-“Snow and Lights” From the CD ‘How Strange, Innocence’.
8) Gnarls Barkley-“The Boogie Monster” From the CD ‘St. Elsewhere’.
9) Stars-“Your Ex-Lover Is Dead” From the CD ‘Set Yourself On Fire’.
10) The New Pornographers-“The Bones of an Idol” From the CD ‘Twin Cinema’.
11) The Shins-“Turn A Square” From the CD ‘Chutes Too Narrow’.
12) The Shins-“One by One All Day” From the CD ‘Oh, Inverted World’.
13) The Stills-“Oh Shoplifter” From the CD ‘Without Feathers’.
14) Massive Attack-“Better Things” From the vinyl LP ‘Protection’.
15) Ben Kweller-“I Need You Back” From the CD ‘On My Way’.
16) The Blue Van-“What the Young People Want” From the vinyl LP ‘The Art of Rolling’.
17) Thievery Corporation-“Focus on Sight” From the CD ‘The Mirror Conspiracy’.
18) Van Morrison-“Into the Mystic” From the CD ‘Moondance’.
19) Jose Gonzalez-“Slow Moves” From the CD ‘Veneer’.
20) Iron and Wine-“Cinder and Smoke” From the CD ‘Our Endless Numbered Days’.
21) Cat Power-“Lived In Bars” From the CD ‘The Greatest’.
22) Calexico-“Cruel” From the CD ‘Garden Ruin’.
23) Los Lobos-“Voodoo Music” From the CD soundtrack to the Wim Wenders film “The Soul of A Man”.
24) Nickel Creek-“Jealous of the Moon” From the CD ‘Why Should the Fire Die?’.
25) Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers-“Zero from Outer Space” From the CD soundtrack to the film “She’s the One”.
26) The Raconteurs-“Hands” From the CD ‘Broken Boy Soldier’.
27) Aimee Mann-“She Really Wants You” From the CD ‘The Forgotten Arm’.
28) Ween-“The Grobe (Live)” From the DVD/CD ‘Live in Chicago’.
29) Ween-“The Argus” From the CD ‘Quebec’.
30) “The Mid-Morning Recording” Wolf Parade-‘Apologies to the Queen Mary’.
31) James-“Sayonara” From the CD ‘Wah-Wah’.
32) I Love You But I’ve Chosen Darkness-“According to Plan” From the CD ‘Fear Is On Our Side’.

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