Music For Listeners 2006/10/14
John Peel Day 2006 - In honor of the late DJ that was always in the right place at the wrong speed.

1) The Beastie Boys-"Country Mike's Theme" From the CD 'Anthology'.
2) Paul Birch-"John Peel" From the CD 'East to West'.
3) The Undertones-"Teenage Kicks" From the CD 'The Best of the Undertones'. John Peel's favorite song...ever.
4) Thin Lizzy-"Jailbreak (Peel Session)" From the CD 'Peel Sessions'.
5) The Damned-"New Rose (Peel Session)" From the CD 'The Peel Sessions'.
6) The Jam-"Modern World (Peel Session)" From the CD 'The Peel Sessions'.
7) Blur-"Popscene (Live at Peel Acres)" From the CD 'Bustin' and Dronin''.
8) Graham Coxon-"Right to Pop (Peel Session)" From the UK CD single to "Standing On My Own Again".
9) Elastica-"Annie (Peel Session)" From the CD 'The Radio One Sessions'.
10) Galaxie 500-"Submission (Peel Session)" From the CD 'Peel Sessions'.
11) Nick Cave-"Into My Arms (Live at Peel's 60th Birthday)" Unreleased Peel Session.
12) Mercury Rev-"I Only Have Eyes For You (Peel Session)" From the UK CD single for "Goddess On A Hiway".
13) Orbital-"Semi Detached (Peel Session)" From the CD E.P. 'Peel Session'.
14) The Orb-"Into the Fourth Dimension (Essences in Starlight)" From the CD 'Peel Sessions'.
15) The Verve-"Already There (Peel Session)" From the limited Hut Recordings compilation 'Peel Session/Black Sessions'.
16) The Fall-"Athlete Cured (Peel Session)" From the CD 'The Peel Sessions'.
17) The Wedding Present-"Come Play With Me (Peel Session)" From the CD 'John Peel Sessions 1992-1995'.
18) The Slits-"Love und Romance (Peel Session)" From the CD 'The Peel Sessions'.
19) Jesus and Mary Chain-"Taste the Floor (Peel Session)" From the CD 'The Complete John Peel Sessions'.
20) Inspiral Carpets-"Out of Time (Peel Session)" From the CD 'Peel Sessions'.
21) The Charlatans-"Polar Bear (Peel Session)" From the CD compilation 'New Season - The Peel Sessions'.
22) The Smiths-"Still Ill (Peel Session)" From the CD 'Hatful of Hollow'.
23) The White Stripes-"I'm Finding It Harder To Be A Gentleman (Peel Session)" From the UK CD single 'I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself'.
24) The Specials-"Friday Night, Saturday Morning (Peel Session)" From the CD 'Peel Sessions'.
25) Dawn of the Replicants-"Rockefeller Centre 1932 (Peel Session)" From a CD compilation personally made for MFL by the band.
27) "The Mid-Morning Recording" John Peel and Shelia - 'The Pig's Big 78's - A Beginner's Guide'.
During the end of the last century, the BBC asked John Peel to pick three songs from every year of the 20th century to play on his show. The BBC called this segment "Peelenium", a title that John hated. Apparently though, John had a ton of fun finding these old recordings, and the young listeners of his program surprisingly loved hearing them on the show. When the "Peelenium" project was finished, he continued to play a 78 RPM recording on every late night program. This became the aptly titled segment "The Big Pig's 78". Peel and his wife Shelia, (nicknamed by John, "The Pig"), hand picked these little gems, and boy aren't we lucky. These recordings are priceless and may never be found anywhere else. Some of these songs are funny, some are totally bizarre, some you can swing to, and some of them even rock! When John Peel died in October of 2004, the only thing missing from this collection was the booklet notes. Luckily Peely's wife, Shelia "The Pig" Ravenscroft, agreed to complete the project and give insight on why these tracks were picked. This collection even features the first record Peel ever bought as a teenager, "Blue Tango" by Ray Martin & His Orchestra. There is even a track by Jack White & His Band from 1939....obviously not The White Stripes. It is included here because John loved Jack and Meg's band so much. He had over twenty 7" singles from The White Stripes in his personal record box when he passed away. In pure John Peel style, this may be the first time so many 78 RPM recordings have been played at once on this station. I think he is smiling somewhere knowing that someone is playing this entire collection on the radio. Would the BBC play it all at once???? Most likely not. Thanks John for all the are always with us, every program we do.
Michael - MFL

28) James-"Sayonara" From the CD 'Wah-Wah'.

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