Music For Listeners 2006/11/11
Robert Gomez - Full live set from the Red Room

1) The Beastie Boys-“Country Mike’s Theme” From the CD ‘Anthology’.
2) Jim Henson’s The Muppets-“Mississippi Mud” From the vinyl LP ‘The Muppet Show’.
3) Snowbyrd-“Tower of Pearl” From the brand new CD ‘Snowbyrd’.
4) Snowbyrd-“St Mary’s Nights” From the brand new CD ‘Snowbyrd’.
5) Be Your Own Pet-“We Will Vacation, You Will Be My Parasol” From the CD ‘Be Your Own Pet’.
6) Kasabian-“Shoot the Runner” From the CD ‘Empire’.
7) Los Campesinos! -“Hold On Now Youngster” From the demo CD single for “Hold On Now Youngster”.
8) Big Strides-“£ 2.49” From the CD ‘Cry It All Out’.
9) The Dimes-“Cup of Water” From the CD E.P. ‘The Dimes (Animal)’.
10) The Bluetones-“Your Psychotic Friend” From the brand new UK CD single for “My Neighbour’s House”.
11) Math and Physics Club-“Darling, Please Come Home” From the CD ‘Math and Physics Club’.
12) Yellow Fever-“Alice” From the brand new CD E.P. ‘Yellow Fever’.
13) El Goodo-“If You Come Back” From the CD ‘El Goodo’.
14) Mosquitos-“Nowhere Left To Go” From the CD ‘Mosquitos III’.
15) King Creosote-“Relate the Tale (The Plague of Frogs)” From the 4AD CD compilation ‘Plague Songs’.
16) Micah P. Hinson and the Opera Circuit-“Jackeyed” From the CD ‘Micah P. Hinson and the Opera Circuit’.
17) Robert Gomez featuring Oliver Glissant – Full live and acoustic set at the Red Room in San Antonio - August 17th, 2006 - Recorded exclusively for broadcast on Music For Listeners.
18) The Decemberists-“The Infanta” From the CD ‘Picaresque’.
19) Moonlight Towers-“Sparks Will Fly” From the CD ‘Like You Were Never There’.
20) Druggist-“One of Us” From the CD ‘Early Michael Keaton’.
21) The Whigs-“Say Hello” From the CD ‘Give ‘Em All A Big Fat Lip’.
22) Magnetic Fields-“I Don’t Believe You” From the CD ’69 Love Songs’.
23) Neil Young-“Let’s Impeach the President” From the CD ‘Living With War’.
24) “The Mid-Morning Recording” Ned’s Atomic Dustbin-‘God Fodder’
Crazy times, 1991. Mr. Bartron himself first played this record for me way back when, and I was immediately hooked. I was towards the end of my teen angst at the time, and this album seemed to mirror that angst. Great singing, heavy drums and two bassists. Two bassists??? What an ingenious idea. I was blown away by the notion of playing a high melody with a bass guitar, as well as one in the rhythm section. This album has tons of single worthy tracks and I think there were at least three or four released from the album in the U.K. As good as this record is, I may like their next record “Are You Normal?” a little bit more. That’s proven by the fact that "Are You Normal?" has already been played on this part of the show. One of the most overlooked English bands of the 1990’s that’s for sure. We can only hope that the reunion that looks to be in the works makes its way around the states real soon. This one goes out to the friends of 1991.
Michael - MFL

25) James-“Sayonara” From the CD ‘Wah-Wah’.
26) Nethers-“Migratory Birds” From the CD ‘In Fields We Will Lie’.

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