Music For Listeners 2006/12/02

1) The Beastie Boys-"Country Mike's Theme" From the CD 'Anthology'.
2) Charlie Rich-"Behind Closed Doors" From the CD 'Behind Closed Doors'.
3) The Good, The Bad & the Queen-"Herculean" From the brand new UK CD single for "Herculean".
4) The Streets featuring Pete Doherty-"Prangin' Out (Pete and Mike's Version) From the brand new UK CD single for "Prangin' Out".
5) Snowbyrd-"Las Vegas Buffet" From the CD 'Snowbyrd'.
6) Battle-"Tendency" From the UK CD E.P. 'Back to Earth'.
7) The Oohlas-"Gone" From the CD 'Best Stop Pop'.
8) Built To Spill-"Car (Live)" From the CD 'Live'.
9) The View-"Superstar Tradesman" From the UK CD single for "Superstar Tradesman".
10) Simple Kid-"Mommy'n'Daddy" From the CD 'Simple Kid 2'.
11) Klaxons-"The Bouncers" From the U.S. release 'Xan Valleys E.P.'.
12) Cold War Kids-"Hair Down" From the CD 'Robbers and Cowards'.
13) The Wedding Present-"Larry's" From the CD 'Take Fountain'.
14) Jeremy Warmsley-"I Believe In the Way You Move (Radio Edit)" From the UK CD single for "I Believe In the way You Move".
15) Tacks, the Boy Disaster-"Paris" From the CD E.P. 'Oh Beatrice'.
16) Yellow Fever-"Donovan" From the CD E.P. 'Yellow Fever'.
17) Mumm-Ra-"When the Lights Go Out" From the UK CD single for "Out of the Question".
18) The Lovely Sparrows-"Your Flowers Will Bloom" From the CD E.P. 'Pulling Up Floors, Pouring On (New) Paint'.
19) The Earlies-"No Love In Your Heart" From the forthcoming CD 'The Enemy Chorus'.
20) Salaryman-"Obumbrata Et Velata" From the CD 'The Electric Forest'.
21) The Magnetic Fields-"Acoustic Guitar" From the CD '69 Love Songs'.
22) Annuals-"Brother" From the CD 'Be He Me'.
23) Big Soy-"Where the Problem Is" Unreleased track, straight from the band.
24) SOUND Team-"Back In Town" From the CD 'Movie Monster'.
25) Mates of State-"Punchlines" From the CD 'Bring It Back'.
26) Acid House Kings-"That's Because You Drive Me" From the CD 'Sing Along With Acid House Kings'.
27) Mosquitos-"Love Remix" From the CD 'Sunshine Barto'.
28) Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin-"Pangea" From the CD 'Broom'.
29) Math and Physics Club-"Cold As Minnesota" From the CD 'Math and Physics Club'.
30) Hammock-"I Can Almost See You" From the CD 'Raising Your Voice...Trying To Stop An Echo'.
31) "The Mid-Morning Recording" The Verve-'A Northern Soul'.
When this record came out, I wasn't very pleased with it. You have to admit though, it's hard to beat such a landmark album like their debut 'A Storm In Heaven'. That album is in my top ten ever made. Plus, I was never really a really huge Oasis fan, and this album was produced by their producer at that time. Of course, right after the album's release, the band broke up...for what was the first time. This shined an even more negative light on what was already considered a dark album...and it is a dark album. Apparently, this is what heavy narcotic drugs sounds like. It worked with the Stones, so even at their worst, it works with The Verve. The single "History" is an amazing song. "This is Music" is a rock classic, and "Stormy Clouds" is a slight return to the first album. Again, it's not their best album, but it's better than most crap available at your local chain store. Luckily they came back together to release their third and final album 'Urban Hymns'. Properly enough, it brought them the popularity that they so much deserved. This band never made a bad song; even their b-sides are amazingly great. Unfortunately, this is the final recording I haven't played from Verve. With this one, I have played every recording they have made, and that makes me a little sad. I don't think we will ever see another masterpiece from this wonderful and atmospheric band.
Michael - MFL

32) James-"Sayonara" From the CD 'Wah-Wah'.

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