Music For Listeners 2007/01/06
Jose Gonzalez Interview from September 29, 2006

1) The Beastie Boys-"Country Mike's Theme" From the CD 'Anthology'.
2) Buck Owens-"Act Naturally" From the CD 'I Love Country: Hits of the 60's'.
3) The Aliens-"The Happy Song" From the UK CD single for "The Happy Song".
4) Ben Folds-"Adelaide" From the CD compilation 'Supersunnyspeedgraphic the LP'.
5) Birdmonster-"Alabama" From the CD 'No Midnight'.
6) Buttercup-"Johnny Appleseed" From the CD 'Hot Love'.
7) The Good, the Bad, and the Queen-"Back in the Day" From the UK CD single for "Herculean".
8) The Fireman-"Fluid" From the CD 'Rushes'.
9) The Fireman-"Appletree Cinnabar Amber" From the CD 'Rushes'.
10) Galaxie 500-"Don't Let Our Youth Go To Waste (Peel Session)" From the CD 'Peel Sessions'.
11) Jose Gonzalez-"Deadweight On Velveteen" From the CD 'Veneer'.
12) Jose Gonzalez - Music For Listeners Interview - Segment One
13) Jose Gonzalez-"Crosses" From the CD 'Veneer'.
14) Jose Gonzalez - Music For Listeners Interview - Segment Two
15) Junip-"Black Refuge" From the CD 'Black Refuge E.P.'.
16) Jose Gonzalez - Music For Listeners Interview - Segment Three
17) Jose Gonzalez-"Slow Moves" From the CD 'Veneer'.
18) Jose Gonzalez - Music For Listeners Interview - Segment Four
19) Jose Gonzalez-"Sensing Owls (Live at Club DeVille - SXSW 2006)" Recorded exclusively for broadcast on Music For Listeners.
20) Mumm-Ra-"When the Lights Go Out" From the UK CD single for "Out of the Question".
21) Tacks, The Boy Disaster-"Paris" From the CD 'Oh Beatrice E.P.'.
22) Badly Drawn Boy-"The Time of Times" From the CD 'Born in the U.K.'.
23) Poster Children-"If You See Kay" From the CD 'Daisy Chain Reaction'.
24) Palomar-"Woah!" From the demo E.P. 'Palomar 3.5'.
25) Snowbyrd-"Tamara" From the CD 'Snowbyrd'.
26) Jamie T.-"If You've Got the Money" From the UK CD single for "If You've Got the Money".
27) "The Mid-Morning Recording" Kate Bush-'The Sensual World'
In the late 80's I saw the movie "She's Having A Baby" and first heard the song "This Woman's Work". I thought this was the first time that I had heard the wonderful voice of Kate Bush. It turns out that I had heard her first single "Wuthering Heights" when I was a small child, and I had heard "Running Up That Hill" on MTV just a couple of years prior. I just didn't know who it was at that time. When 'The Sensual World' was released, I was working at a music store in a what is now a vacant mall. I listened to it a couple of times, and I would have to say that I was intrigued and a little bit frightened. This was back when I was trying to find new bands in the middle of all the crap MTV was throwing at me. "Is this woman's voice supposed to sound that wild, and am I supposed to like this? It seems so different and strange." David Gilmour of Pink Floyd plays on this album, and when this album was new I was already a huge Floyd fan. (I would find out later on that Mr. Gilmour was responsible for getting Kate her first record contract with EMI.) His presence on the album made me purchase this record, but now well into the first decade of the 21st century, and I would consider Kate Bush to be one of the greatest artists of our time. I would never pass up new material from her, and her most recent album, "Aerial", was my favorite album of 2005. It's been a couple of years since I played an album by her, and it's about time I played another. I've already played my two favorite albums by Kate, and I'll play the double album "Aerial" during some future summertime when all the kids are away from the studio. Possibly the most beautiful woman in rock music, ever. Possibly the greatest female singer in my world of great music. "What would we do without you?"
Michael - MFL

28) James-"Sayonara" From the CD 'Wah-Wah'.
29) Dawn of the Replicants-"Essence of Maureen" From the CD 'Fangs'.

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