Music For Listeners 2007/04/28

1)The Beastie Boys-"Country Mike's Theme" From the CD 'Anthology'.
2) My Two Toms-"Horseriding Song" From the double CD release 'Field Recordings' and 'Two'.
3) The Good, The Bad and the Queen-"England, Summer (In Black and white) Polling Day" From the brand new UK CD single for "Green Fields".
4) Winterkids-"Hear Me Out" From the CD 'Memoirs'.
5) The Primary 5-"Out In the Cold" From the CD 'Go'.
6) Arctic Monkeys-"Fluorescent Adolescent" From the CD 'Favorite Worst Nightmare'.
7) Buttercup-"Unlevel" From the CD 'Hot Love'.
8) SOUND team-"Back In Town (Live in Minneapolis, MN - June 2006)" Exclusively recorded for broadcast on Music For Listeners.
9) Bill Baird-"Koyaanisqatsi" From the CD 'Silence'.
10) Marcus Rubio-"In This Desert Land" From the forthcoming CD 'The Life of Pillows'.
11) Marcus Rubio-"From Across the Hall" From the forthcoming CD 'The Life of Pillows'. If your lucky you can find him...and buy a handmade copy.
12) Glen Reynolds-"I Feel Love" From the CD 'In Between Days'.
13) Malajube-"Pate Filo" From the CD 'Trompe-L'oeil'.
14) Palomar-"Bridge of Sighs" From the CD 'All Things, Forests'.
15) Poster Children-"The Floor" From the CD 'No More Songs About Sleep and Fire'.
16) The Lea Shores-"Gullotine" From the brand new UK CD single for "Gullotine".
17) Idlewild-"Lookin' For A Love" From the brand new UK vinyl 7" single for "No Emotion". 'Disposable Parts'.
18) Nethers-"The Cherry Tree" From their forthcoming untitled CD.
19) Happy Mondays-"Hallelujah (Club Mix)" From the UK vinyl 12" single 'Oakenfold Remix Rave On'. 24 hour party people unite!!! Getting back together this weekend for Coachella 2007.
20) Still Flyin'-"Sticking My Head In Ice Water (Almost For Too Long)" From the forthomcoming CD E.P. 'Za Cloud EJ'.
21) Jeremy Warmsley-"The Young Man Sees the City As A Chessboard" From the CD 'The Art of Fiction'.
22) The Love Kevins-"Tama-Gochi Freestyle" From the brand new CD 'Vs. the Snow'.
23) Annuals-"Complete, Or Completing" From the brand new UK CD E.P. 'Big Zeus'.
24) The Loungs-"Electric Lights" From the forthcoming CD 'We Are the Champ'.
25) The Rakes-"The World Was A Mess but His Hair Was Perfect" From the UK CD 'Ten New Messages.
26) Kaiser Chiefs-"Love's Not A Competition (But I'm Winning)" From the CD 'Yours Truly, Angry Mob'. Going out to the only, but the best Chiefette I know.
27) The Pigeon Detectives-"Wait for Me" From the CD single for "I Found Out".
28) Talking Heads-"Girlfriend Is Better (Live)" From the DVD soundtrack to the film "Stop Making Sense".
29) "The Mid-Morning Recording" The Jesus and Mary Chain-'Psycho Candy'
30) James-"Sayonara" From the CD 'Wah-Wah'.
31) Massive Attack-"Karmacoma" From the CD 'Protection'.

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