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Markus Haas - The 180
The ninety-seventh installment of "The 180" is hosted by
longtime KRTU host and San Antonio Express News beer
writer, Markus Haas. Currently hosting the Wednesday evening jazz show, "The
Haas Party" on KRTU, Markus has been on the KRTU airwaves for a
good while. He has amazing taste in music, so his show is bound to be eclectic.
First broadcast - September 30, 2017
Markus Haas - Express-News Articles
The Spinto Band - The 180
The one-hundredth installment of "The 180" will be hosted by The Spinto Band!
After kicking off "The 180" broadcasts with the very first episode, it seems
fitting for the greatest band from Delaware to make a return program for
the 100th episode. They set the bar high with episode 1, so
we'll hear what goodies they have in store for this return episode.
First broadcast - December 2017
The Spinto Band - Official Facebook Page
Finitribe - The 180
The one-hundredth and first installment of "The 180" will be hosted by Finitribe!
After being big fans of the band for over 25 years, MFL
couldn't think of a more proper guest host for the 101st episode
of our guest host programming. They will be fresh off a newly released
album, and with their own experience in radio, it should
be an amazing show for the listeners!
First broadcast - January 2018
Finitribe - Official Facebook Page
The Spinto Band - Interview and Sixth Soda/Tea Taste Test
(PROGRAM NOTE - Due to a malfunctioning hard drive, along
with an accidental deletion of the original data on the mini-disc,
this 6th taste test may be sadly lost until I can get the data
off the drive that has a clicking rocker arm. If you can help
us in fixing the hard drive or recovering the data, we would be
happy to have you on board to help us get this gem on the air.)
The sixth of our ongoing interviews and
soda/tea/root beer taste tests with The Spinto Band!!!
Recorded August 3, 2010
Stubb's BBQ - Austin, TX
First Broadcast - TBA
Special Guests - Frank and Christine from The Hawks (of Holy Rosary) and Steven Vogel
The Spinto Band moonwink
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