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Music For Listeners 10/12/2013

1) Beastie Boys-"Country Mike's Theme"  From the CD 'Country Mike's Greatest Hits'.
2) Jim Cullum Sr.-"I Remember You"  From the vinyl album 'Eloquent Clarinet'.
3) Arctic Monkeys-"Arabella"  From the brand new album 'AM'.
4) Generationals-"Spinoza"  From the album 'Heza'.
5) The Spinto Band-"Enemy"  From the album 'Cool Coccoon'.
6) Standard Fare-"Out of Sight"  From the vinyl 7" single for "Rumours".
7) Sky Larkin-"Newsworthy"  From the album 'Motto'.
8) Pixies-"Another Toe"  From the digital 'EP1'.
9) Noah and the Whale-"Still After All These Years"  From the album 'Heart of Nowhere'.
10) Fleetwood Mac-"Did You Ever Love Me?"  From the vinyl album 'Penquin'.
11) Summer Camp-"Pink Summer"  From the brand new 'Summer Camp'.
12) Parquet Courts-"Master of My Craft"  From the album 'Light Up Gold'.
13) Franz Ferdinand-"Bullet"  From the brand new album 'Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action'.
14) The Little Ones-"Shake Your Sign"  From the album 'The Dawn Sang Along'.
15) R.E.M.-"Burning Down"  From the vinyl compilation album 'Dead Letter Office'.
16) Charles Bradley-"Let Love Stand A Chance"  From the album 'Victim of Love'.
17) The Beatles-"Yes It Is"  From the AA vinyl 7" single for "Ticket To Ride" / "Yes It Is".
18) Mazzy Star-"Sparrow"  From the brand new album 'Seasons of Your Day'.
19) The Charlatans-"Withdrawn"  From the CD single for "Can't Get Out of Bed".
20) The Soft Pack-"Answer to Yourself"  From the 'The Soft Pack'.
21) Eros and the Eschaton-"Terrence McKenna"  From the album 'Home Adress for Civil War'.
22) A Classic Education-"Gone To Sea"  From the album 'Call It Blazing'.
23) The Beta Band-"Dry the Rain"  From the vinyl 12" EP 'Champion Versions'.
24) Django Django-"Storm"  From the album 'Django Django'.
25) Thievery Corporation-"Shadows of Ourselves"  From the album 'The Mirror Conspiracy'.
26) Laurie Anderson-"It Was Up In the Mountains"  From the box set 'United States Live Parts I-IV'.
27) Laurie Anderson-"Odd Objects (for light-in-mouth)"  From the box set 'United States Live Parts I-IV'.
28) Kate Bush-"Watching You Without Me"  From the vinyl LP 'Hounds of Love'.
29) Polygon Window-"Quino-Phec"  From the album 'Surfing On Sine Waves'.
30) The KLF-"Last Train to Transcentral (Remix)"  From the compilation album 'Ambient House'.
31) "The Mid-Morning Recording"         Silence (Pete Namlook and Dr. Atmo)-'Silence'
One I'm surprised I haven't played before. It's considered an Ambient classic at this point, and it was one of the first albums from Pete Namlook that I heard. One of the first that he even released on his famed Fax Record label. It's been almost a year since Pete passed away, and earlier this week, I went looking for one of his masterpieces that I haven't played. Sadly, I didn't have to look far. This is the first album we've played by Silence, and it certainly won't be the last. It was nice to listen to during the late night hours. Hopefully someone was coming across it for the first time and hopefully they were sent to another world. "The heartbeat of life...the silence" - Michael MFL
32) James-"Sayonara"  From the CD 'Wah-Wah'.
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