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Music For Listeners 12/07/2013

1) Beastie Boys-"Country Mike's Theme"  From the CD 'Country Mike's Greatest Hits'.
2) Rufus Thomas Jr-"Beat Cat"  From the 7" single for "Bear Cat".
3) Broken Bells-"Holding On for Life"  From the brand new digital single for "Holding On for Life".
4) Maximo Park-"Brain Cells"  From the forthcoming album 'Too Much Information'.
5) Taffy-"Tune In A Jar"  From the brand new digital single for "Train".
6) The Wave Pictures-"Better To Have Loved"  From the brand new double album 'City Forgiveness'.
7) Mazes-"Hayfever Wristband"  From the brand new album 'Better Ghosts'.
8) Arctic Monkeys-"Knee Socks"  From the album 'AM'.
9) Telegram-"Follow"  From the brand new digital single for "Follow".
10) James Brown-"Night Train (Live)"  From the album 'Live at the Apollo'.
11) Swearin'-"Dust in the Gold Sack"  From the album 'Surfing Strange'.
12) Wolf Alice-"NoseDive"  From the brand new digital EP 'Blush'.
13) Week of Wonders-"Wishes"  From the 'Failures EP'.
14) Waves Of Fury-"Death of A Vampire"  From the brand new 7" single for "Death of A Vampire".
15) Warpaint-"Biggy"  From the brand new digital single for "Biggy".
16) Matmos-"Teen Paranormal Romance"  From the album 'The Marriage of True Minds'.
17) The Orb-"Close Encounters (Smile, You’re On Camera Mix)"  From the box set compilation 'History Of The Future'.
18) Math and Physics Club-"We're Not Lost"  From the brand new album 'Our Hearts Beat Out Loud'.
19) Kaela Sinclair-"Stranger"  From the album 'Sun & Mirror'.
20) Tele-Novella-"No Excalibur"  From the 7" vinyl single for "Don't Be A Stranger".
21) Summer Camp-"Fighters"  From the album 'Summer Camp'.
22) Horsebeach-"Even"  From the brand new 7" EP 'Horsebeach'.
23) The Creases-"Fun to Lose"  From the brand new digital single for "I Won't Wait".
24) San Fermin-"Renaissance!"  From the album 'San Fermin'.
25) Fanfarlo-"The Wilderness"  From the digital EP 'The Sea'.
26) Novella-"Slow Mary"  From the cassette EP 'Murmurs'.
27) Triptides-"Prediction"  From the album 'Predictions'.
28) Black Hearted Brother-"My Baby Just Sailed Away"  From the album 'Stars Are Our Home'.
29) Gratitude-"Deep in the Bone (Home Demo)" Demo found on their blog page.
30) "The Mid-Morning Recording"      Au Revoir Simone - 'The Bird of Music'
Most likely my favorite album by this amazing trio of ladies. It was so nice of them to give us a lovely promo copy of this album way before it was released on Moshi Moshi. It was nice of them to play for the crowd at The Red House Pizzeria a few years back. A great time indeed. It is a little cool in San Antonio this morning, (wind chills into the 20's), so this album with a wintery atmosphere fits perfect. Please be careful on the bridges folks, and bask in the sunshine of Au Revoir Simone. "We both know it's going to be another long winter / The kind that freezes shut the doors of early spring / But I'll still let you in"
Michael - MFL

31) James-"Sayonara"  From the CD 'Wah-Wah'.
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