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Music For Listeners 05/03/2014

1) Beastie Boys-"Country Mike's Theme"  From the vinyl LP 'Country Mike's Greatest Hits'.
2) First Aid Kit-"My Silver Lining"  From the brand new digital single for "My Silver Lining".
3) Embrace-"Protection"  From the brand new album "Embrace".
4) The Orielles-"Entity"  From the brand new digital single for "Entity".
5) Peru-"Sent To Saltcoats"  From the forthcoming vinyl 7" single for "Sent To Saltcoats".
6) Manic Street Preachers-"Walk Me to the Bridge"  From the brand new digital single for "Walk Me to the Bridge".
7) James-"Moving On"  From the forthcoming album 'La Petite Mort'.
8) Simian Ghost-"Youth"  From the brand new album "The Veil".
9) Tele Novella-"Stephanie Says"  From the forthcoming compilation album 'I Saved Latin: A Tribute to Wes Anderson'.
10) Teen Men-"It's All Rushing Back"  From the brand new digital EP 'Apartment In The City'.
11) The Whigs-"Hit Me"  From the brand new album 'Modern Creation'.
12) Inspiral Carpets-"Joe"  From the brand new digital re-release of EP "Dung 4".
13) Crusing-"You Made Me Do That"  From the brand new cassette single for "You Made Me Do That".
14) The Strypes-"Hard To Say No"  From the brand new digital EP '4 Track Mind'.
15) Famy-"Donkey"  From the 12" vinyl single for "Donkey".
16) Tom Vek-"Sherman (Animals In The Jungle)"  From the forthcoming album 'Luck'.
17) Eat Lights Become Lights-"Bouce Synth"  From the forthcoming album 'Into Forever'.
18) Triptides-"Throne of Stars"  From the brand new cassette EP "Colors".
19) Colour Me Wednesday-"Shut"  From the album 'I Thought It Was Morning'.
20) Gingerlys-"Summer Cramps"  From the digital single for "Summer Cramps".
21) Marine Life-"The Young and The Free"  From the vinyl 7" single 'The Young and The Free'.
22) The War On Drugs-"An Ocean in Between the Waves"  From the album 'Lost in the Dream'.
23) Toy-"It's Been So Long"  From the brand new digital single for "It's Been So Long".
24) Temples-"Shelter Song"  From the album 'Sun Structures'.
25) The Wave Pictures-"Coconut Tree"  From the brand new vinyl EP 'Helen'.
26) Blueprint Blue-"Rattlesnakes"  From the forthcoming digital EP 'Undertoad'.
27) Damon Albarn-"The Selfish Giant"  From the brand new album 'Everyday Robots'.
28) Sophie Jamieson-"Stain"  From the brand new digital AA single for "Stain".
29) "The Mid-Morning Recording"      Big Brother and Holding Company-'Cheap Thrills' (Vinyl Version)
A couple of months back, my friend Ross was over at my place catching up on things, and I asked him to pick something out of my record collection to play. He picked out this album, which I hadn't heard in a few years. It was a really great listen and I immediately put it in the list of albums that we should feature as a MMR. With Psych Fest happening in Austin this weekend, it seems quite timely to play this psychedelic classic from 1968. Sex, drugs, and cheap thrills. "Take another little piece of my heart now baby!!!" - Michael - MFL
30) James-"Sayonara"  From the CD 'Wah-Wah'.
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