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Music For Listeners 12/27/2014
MFL 2014 Favorites

1) Beastie Boys-"Country Mike's Theme"  From the CD compilation 'Anthology'.
2) Natalie Prass-"Bird Of Prey (Radio Version)"  From the digital single 'Bird Of Prey'.
3) Hookworms-"On Leaving"  From the album 'The Hum'.
4) Eagulls-"Opaque"  From the album 'Eagulls'.
5) Twin Peaks-"Flavor"  From the album 'Wild Onion'.
6) Johnny Marr-"Easy Money"  From the album 'Playland'.
7) Bloody Beach-"Disco Impaler"  From the album 'Pirate Radio Presents'.
8) Let's Wrestle-"Rain Ruins Revolution"  From the album 'Let's Wrestle'.
9) Honeyblood-"No Spare Key"  From the album 'Honeyblood'.
10) Pixies-"Greens and Blues"  From the album 'Indie Cindy'.
11) The Whigs-"The Particular"  From the album 'Modern Creation'.
12) Neon Waltz-"Bare Wood Aisles"  From the vinyl 7" single for "Bare Wood Aisles".
13) Cloud Castle Lake-"Sync"  From the digital EP 'Dandelion'.
14) Elder Island-"What It's Worth"  From the EP 'Elder Island'
15) Elephant-"Shapeshifter"  From the album 'Elephant'.
16) Gold-Bears-"Yeah, Tonight"  From the album 'Dalliance'.
17) Young Girls-"Caroline"  From the digital EP 'Young Girls'.
18) Howling Bells-"Slowburn"  From the album 'Heartstrings'.
19) Summer Camp-"Meet the Cliques"  From the soundtrack album to the motion picture "Beyond Clueless'.
20) The Hawks (of Holy Rosary)-"Dizzy"  From the album 'What Team Am I On?'.
21) Alvvays-"Archie, Marry Me"  From the album 'Alvvays'.
22) Mazes-"Salford"  From the album 'Wooden Aquarium'.
23) Withered Hand-"Horseshoe"  From the album 'New Gods'.
24) Fickle Friends-"For You"  From the digital single for "For You".
25) Traams-"Marbles"  From the digital EP 'Cissa'.
26) Eat Lights Become Lights-"Bouce Synth"  From the album 'Into Forever'.
27) Gulp-"Vast Space"  From the album 'Season Sun'.
28) Malibu Shark Attack-"Malibu Shark Attack"  From the album 'Malibu Shark Attack'.
29) The Orielles-"Entity"  From the digital single for "Entity".
30) Night Flowers-"Embers"  From the digital EP 'Night Flowers'.
31) Tuff Love-"Sweet Discontent"  From the digital EP 'Junk'.
32) Gengahr-"Powder"  From the vinyl 7" single for "Powder".
33) Fear of Men-"Descent"  From the album 'Loom'.
34) Superfood-"Mood Bomb"  From the album 'Don't Say That'.
35) The Crookes-"Echolalia"  From the album 'Soapbox'.
36) The Good Graces-"Standing in Line"  From the album 'Close to the Sun'.
37) Teen Men-"It's All Rushing Back"  From the digital EP 'Apartment In The City'.
38) The Luxembourg Signal-"Distant Drive"  From the album 'The Luxembourg Signal'.
39) Slow Club-"Suffering You, Suffering Me"  From the album 'Complete Surrender'.
40) Aphex Twin-"4 Bit 9d Api+e+6"  From the album 'Syro'.
41) Zulu Winter-"Heavy Rain"  From the album 'Stutter'.
42) "The Mid-Morning Recording"            Pink Floyd-'The Endless River'
Michael's favorite album of 2014 - A fitting final album for the band, and a fitting tribute to founding member Richard Wright. Since the release of 'The Division Bell' in 1994, there was talk of a second album that was more instrumental in nature. At that time it was known as "The Big Spliff". That project was shelved and earlier in 2014, David Gilmour's wife Polly tweeted that there would be a new Floyd album by the end of the year. Shocked and amazed that Floyd would put out a new album without Richard, it slowly became known that this was going to be the instrumental ambient album they hinted at 20 years ago, and it would include Richard all over the album. News also came that this would be the final album from the band. From those first news reports, I knew I was going to love it. Mainly because I love ambient albums, but I also love Pink Floyd instrumentals. Finally I also got news that the amazing producer Youth would be involved with the mix and co-production. All those things combined made up the recipe of what was to be my favorite album of 2014. An album of trippy ambience that sounds like Pink Floyd. I was not let down as I knew what to expect. I'm happy that they broke up the record into sides as well. It's a great listening experience. The music of Pink Floyd will long be a soundtrack for my life. "This thing they call soul is there with a pulse, louder than words." - Michael - MFL
43) James-"Sayonara"  From the CD 'Wah-Wah'.
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