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Music For Listeners 02/28/2015
The 180 - Guest Programmers on MFL
The 180.66 - Gold-Bears

1) Mazarin-"Chasing The Girl"  From the album 'Watch It Happen'.
2) Allen Clapp-"Something Strange Happens"  From the compilation album 'Something Strange Happens'.
3) Places to Hide-"Dogz"  From the album 'Wild n Soft'.
4) Velocity Girl-"Sorry Again"  From the album '¡Simpatico!'.
5) Olivia Tremor Control-"Hilltop Procession (Momentum Gaining)"  From the album 'Black Foliage: Animation Music Vol. 1'.
6) Lightning Seeds-"Lucky You"  From the album 'Jollification'.
7) The Fall-"How I Wrote Elastic Man"  From the compilation album 'Totally Wired: The Rough Trade Anthology'.
8) The Thermals-"No Culture Icons"  From the album 'More Parts Per Million'.
9) Marden Hill-"Curtain"  From the album 'London Pavilion: Volume I'.
10) Brittle Stars-"Four Words"  From the album 'Brittle Stars'.
11) This Poison!-"Poised Over the Pause Button"  From the compilation album 'Magazine 1986-1988'.
12) Allo Darlin'-"Tallulah"  From the album 'Europe'.
13) Plastic Mastery-"I Fell In Love On the Way to a Funeral"  From the EP 'Sverige'.
14) Monochrome Set-"The Lighter Side Of Dating"  From the album 'The Strange Boutique'.
15) The Wedding Present-"Brassneck"  From the album 'Bizarro'.
16) The French Horns-"Begin"  From the EP 'Measurably Sweeter'.
17) Young Untold-"Chicken in a Basket"  From the album 'Tour 2008'.
18) Monograph-"Something That You Do"  From the album 'Lorelei'.
19) Masters of the Hemisphere-"Who Is This Dog?"  From the album 'I Am Not a Freemdoom'.
20) Razorcuts-"Big Pink Cake"  From the album 'R is for Razorcuts'.
21) The Softies-"It's Love"  From the album 'It's Love'.
22) Momus-"The Angels Are Voyeurs"  From the album 'Tender Pervert'.
23) Unwound-"What Was Wound"  From the album 'New Plastic Ideas'.
24) Lightships-"Sweetness In Her Spark"  From the album 'Electric Cables'.
25) Literature-"New Jacket"  From the album 'Chorus'.
26) Action Painting!-"Mustard Gas"  From the EP 'Mustard Gas'.
27) Small Factory-"So What About Love?"  From the album 'The Industrial Evolution'.
28) Broadcast-"Ominous Cloud"  From the album 'Haha Sound'.
29) Poole-"Mary Shakes Her Hair"  From the album 'Alaska Days'.
30) Guided by Voices-"A Good Flying Bird"  From the album 'Alien Lanes'.
31) The Clientele-"(I Want You) More Than Ever"  From the album 'Suburban Light'.
32) Another Sunny Day-"What's Happened to You, My Dearest Friend?"  From the album 'London Weekend'.
33) Radiator Hospital-"Honeymoon Phase"  From the album 'Torch Song'.
34) Summer Cats-"Lonely Planet"  From the album 'Songs for Tuesdays'.
35) Apples in Stereo-"Tidal Wave"  From the album 'Fun Trick Noisemaker'.
36) Nation Of Ulysses-"Love is a Bull Market"  From the album '13-Point Program to Destroy America'.
37) The Museum Exhibit-"Just Like Clockwork"  From the compilation album '555CD55'.
38) Lodger-"Fast"  From the digital single for "Fast".
39) Field Mice-"If You Need Someone"  From the album 'Coastal'.
40) Lync-"Perfect Shot"  From the album 'These Are Not Fall Colors'.
41) McCarthy-"The Vision of Peregrine Worsthorne"  From the album 'I Am a Wallet'.
42) Heavenly-"P.U.N.K. Girl"  From the album 'Goal Ferry Bridge'.
43) The Specials-"Too Much Too Young"  From the album 'The Specials'.
44) Superchunk-"Here's Where the Strings Come In"  From the album 'Here's Where the Strings Come In'.
45) Orange Juice-"Three Cheers for Our Side"  From the album 'You Can't Hide Your Love Forever'.
46) The Microphones-"The Glow"  From the album 'It Was Hot, We Stayed In The Water'.
47) Rocketship-"Carrie Cooksey"  From the album 'A Certain Smile, A Certain Sadness'.
48) Mountain Goats-"Waving At You"  From the album 'Nothing for Juice'.
49) Pipas-"Hiding in the Park"  From the album 'Golden Square'.
50) Jawbreaker-"Chemistry"  From the album 'Dear You'.
51) The Raincoats-"Fairytale in the Supermarket"  From the album 'The Raincoats'.
52) Television Personalities-"14th Floor"  From the compilation album 'Part-Time Punks: The Very Best of Television Personalities'.
53) Shop Assistants-"I Don't Wanna Be Friends With You"  From the album 'Will Anything Happen'.
54) Felt-"Ballad of the Band"  From the compilation album 'Creation: Flowers In the Sky 1984-1987'.
55) Steward-"My True Friends Are Golden"  From the album 'Horselaugh on My Ex'.
56) Gold-Bears-"Yeah, Tonight"  From the album 'Dalliance'.

Find more info on this episode of "The 180" by directing your cursor to 2015-February on The 180 microsite here
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