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Music For Listeners 09/12/2015
A tribute to our friend - Bart Koch - 1971-2015

1) Beastie Boys-"Country Mike's Theme"  From the CD compilation 'Anthology'.
2) Inkwell Magic Hour - Sketch - Country
3) Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds-"Deanna"  From the album 'Tender Prey'.
4) The Pixies-"Hey"  From the album 'Doolittle'.
5) Murder City Devils-"Press Gang"  From the album 'In Name and Blood'.
6) Inkwell Magic Hour - Sketch - Freshmen
7) Primal Scream-"Higher Than The Sun"  From the album 'Screamadelica'.
8) The Drips-"Gates Of Steel"  From the album 'The Drips'.
9) Suede-"Metal Mickey"  From the album 'Suede'.
10) Archers Of Loaf-"Web in Front"  From the album 'Icky Mettle'.
11) Ride-"Drive Blind"  From the EP 'Smile'.
12) The Stone Roses-"Don't Stop"  From the album 'The Stone Roses'.
13) The Who-"Happy Jack"  From the album 'A Quick One'.
14) Inkwell Magic Hour - Sketch - Budge
15) Bedhead-"Bedside Table (7" Version)"  From the vinyl 7" single for "Bedside Table".
16) My Bloody Valentine-"Sometimes"  From the album 'Loveless'.
17) The Jesus and Mary Chain-"You Trip Me Up"  From the compilation album '22 Singles'.
18) Elliot Smith-"Ballad of Big Nothing"  From the album 'Either/Or'.
19) Heatmiser-"Cruel Reminder"  From the album 'Mic City Sons'.
20) Blur-"Oily Water"  From the US album 'Modern Life is Rubbish'.
21) Brian Eno-"St. Elmo's Fire"  From the album 'Another Green World'.
22) Big Star-"Feel"  From the album '#1 Record'.
23) Inkwell Magic Hour - Sketch - Bouncer Part 1
24) Big Drag-"Tallahassee Lassie"  From the vinyl 7" EP 'Big Drag'.
25) Inspiral Carpets-"Directing Traffik"  From the album 'Life'.
26) Guided By Voices-"Watch Me Jumpstart"  From the album 'Alien Lanes'.
27) Rocket From The Crypt-"Sturdy Wrists"  From the album 'Circa: Now!'.
28) Devo-"Gates of Steel"  From the album 'Freedom of Choice'.
29) Bob Mould-"Stand Guard"  From the album 'Black Sheets of Rain'.
30) Sugar-"Hoover Dam"  From the album 'Copper Blue'.
31) Inkwell Magic Hour - Sketch - Bouncer Part 2
32) Meat Loaf and Cast-"Hot Patootie-Bless My Soul"  From the soundtrack album to the motion picture 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show'.
33) REM-"Cuyahoga"  From the album 'Life's Rich Pageant'.
34) The Flaming Lips-"She Don't Use Jelly"  From the album 'Transmissions from the Satellite Heart'.
35) The Jam-"In The City"  From the album 'In The City'.
36) Inkwell Magic Hour - Sketch - Big Dumb Ball
37) The Knife-"Heartbeats"  From the digital single for "Heartbeats".
38) Teenage Fanclub-"Starsign"  From the album 'Bandwagonesque'.
39) Swervedriver-"These Times"  From the album '99th Dream'.
40) Nick Drake-"Time Has Told Me"  From the album 'Five Leaves Left'.
41) New Order-"Ceremony"  From the compilation album 'Singles'.
42) "The Mid-Morning Recording"          Husker Du-'New Day Rising'
If I had to guess a favorite album of his, it would be this one. I will never be able to listen to Bob Mould and not think of Bart. It was the case before he passed, and it is certainly the case now. It's a post-punk classic, and he used to play it a lot when he and I shared an apartment. I miss him so dearly, and it's only been a couple of days since he has passed. The lives he touched in San Antonio and even around the world will never forget him. A true friend. We love you Bart, and your energy still flows in the cosmos. GO SPURS GO!!! - Michael - MFL
43) James-"Sayonara"  From the album 'Wah-Wah'.

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