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Music For Listeners 11/05/2016

1) Beastie Boys-"Country Mike's Theme"  From the CD 'Anthology: The Sounds of Science'.
2) Billy Bragg and Joe Henry-"In the Pines"  From the album 'Shine a Light: Field Recordings from the Great American Railroad'.
3) The Shins-"Dead Alive"  From the brand new digital single for "Dead Alive".
4) Traams-"Penguin"  From the brand new vinyl 7" AA single for "Slipping"/"Penguin".
5) Kaiser Chiefs-"Hole In My Soul"  From the brand new album 'Stay Together'.
6) Honeyblood-"Sister Wolf"  From the brand new album 'Babes Never Die'.
7) We Leave At Midnight-"Milo"  From the forthcoming album 'The Holy Rolling Flower Band'.
8) Toy-"Jungle Games"  From the brand new album 'Clear Shot'.
9) The Radio Dept.-"Committed to the Cause"  From the brand new album 'Running Out of Love'.
10) The Flaming Lips-"The Castle"  From the forthcoming album 'Oczy Mlody'.
11) The Lemon Twigs-"I Wanna Prove to You"  From the brand new album 'Do Hollywood'.
12) Goat Girl-"Scum"  From the brand new digital AA single for "Country Sleaze"/"Scum".
13) Night Pilot-"Drive"  From the digital single for "Drive".
14) Salim Nourallah, Chris Holt and Paul Averitt-"It Is Like Today?"  From the brand new album 'A Break In the Battle'.
15) Still Corners-"Crooked Fingers"  From the brand new album 'Dead Blue'.
16) Carol Cleveland Sings-"They Could Be Wrong"  From the brand new album 'Effervescent Lure'.
17) Babeheaven-"Ode To Dom"  From the brand new digital AA single for "Moving On"/"Ode to Dom".
18) Black Marble-"A Million Billion Stars"  From the brand new album 'It's Immaterial'.
19) C Duncan-"On Course"  From the brand new album 'The Midnight Sun'.
20) The Society Of Rockets-"Won't You Change Your Mind"  From the forthcoming album 'Family Ways'.
21) Leonard Cohen-"You Want It Darker"  From the brand new album 'You Want It Darker'.
22) Kate Bush-"King of the Mountain (Live)"  From the forthcoming album 'Before the Dawn'.
23) Andy Falconer Projects (AFP)-"Fracture"  From the forthcoming album 'Ski For The Trees'.
24) The Orb-"4am Exhale (Chill Out, World!)"  From the brand new album 'COW / Chill Out, World'.
25) "The Mid-Morning Recording"             Douglas Miles Clarke-'Serendipitous'
San Antonio has always had a few great singer songwriters, and right now there seems to be a good amount of them around. One that apparently feels right at home in Texas is Canadian born singer/songwriter Douglas Miles Clarke. Since he found his voice and passion for songwriting a few years ago, it seems there was a lot of songs locked up inside. He has become pretty prolific in the past three or four years, producing one, if not two albums of great songs each year. This year he made what I think might be his best album to date. A album chock full of great songs, but also great musicians. Douglas himself is accompanied by John Dufilho of The Deathray Davies and The Apples In Stereo, Jason Garner of The Polyphonic Spree, San Antonio boy wonder Marcus Rubio who is now a mature trained musician in his mid-20's, Raul-Esteban Alvarez of Austin's Slomo Drags; and that's just naming a few of the great musicians on this album. Apparently Douglas already has another album being recorded by Dallas great singer/songwriter/producer Salim Nourrallah, and we can't wait to hear it. If Douglas keeps company this good, he should be creating great music for years to come. "Passengers milling and waiting on the number 9 to cross town just fine with us." - Michael - MFL
26) James-"Sayonara"  From the album 'Wah-Wah'.

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