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Music For Listeners 12/10/2016

1) Beastie Boys-"Country Mike's Theme"  From the CD 'Anthology: The Sounds of Science'.
2) Dolly Parton-"The Company You Keep"  From the album 'Hello, I'm Dolly'.
3) The Jesus and Mary Chain-"Amputation"  From the brand new digital single for "Amputation".
4) Tiger Cub-"Memory Boy"  From the brand new album 'Abstract Figures in the Dark'.
5) SuperGlu-"Dreams"  From the brand new digital single for "Dreams".
6) The Verve-"Muhammad Ali (Loco Studio Session)"  From the deluxe reissue of the album 'A Northern Soul'.
7) Allo Darlin-"Hymn on the 45"  From the brand new digital single for "Hymn on the 45".
8) Still Corners-"The Fixer"  From the album 'Dead Blue'.
9) The Wave Pictures-"Now I Want To Hoover My Brain Clean"  From the brand new album 'Bamboo Diner In The Rain'.
10) Thievery Corporation-"Let the Chalice Blaze"  From the brand new AA digital single for "Let the Chalice Blaze"/"Letter to The Editor".
11) Dutch Uncles-"Sink"  From the forthcoming album 'Big Balloon'.
12) The Radio Dept.-"Sloboda Narodu"  From the brand new album 'Running Out of Love'.
13) Honeyblood-"Justine, Misery Queen"  From the brand new album 'Babes Never Die'.
14) Trudy And The Romance-"Baby's Gone Away"  From the digital single for "Baby's Gone Away".
15) The Society of Rockets-"Won't You Change Your Mind"  From the brand new album 'Family Ways'.
16) We Leave At Midnight-"Dover Dog"  From the brand new album 'The Holy Rolling Flower Band'.
17) Fear of Men-"Change Me"  From the brand new digital single for "Change Me".
18) Sharon Jones and The Dap-Kings-"Longer and Stronger"  From the soundtrack to the motion picture "Miss Sharon Jones".
19) Carla dal Forno-"You Know What It's Like"  From the brand new album 'You Know What It's Like'.
20) Laura Marling-"Soothing"  From the brand new digital single for "Soothing".
21) Kate Bush-"Top Of The City (Live At Hammersmith Apollo 2014)"  From the brand new album 'Before the Dawn'.
22) Pink Floyd-"Embryo (Live BBC Radio Session, 16 July 1970)"  From the brand new compilation album 'Cre/ation: The Early Years 1965-1972'.
23) Bonobo-"Kerala"  From the brand new digital single for "Kerala".
24) New Nails for Old Crosses (afp)-"Resin"  From the brand new album 'Ski For The Trees (While There's Still Time)'.
25) "The Mid-Morning Recording"          Nilsson-'Schmilsson'
I've been listening to a lot more Harry Nilsson these days, and this one is certainly one of his best. I've loved this album for a while, but finding a CD copy of the record is what prompted me to finally play it as an MMR. It's most likely Nilsson's best selling album, being that "Without You", and "Coconut" are both on this album. "Without You" is originally a Badfinger song, but even Badfinger thought Harry performed the song better. "Coconut" was most likely the first Nilsson song I heard when Kermit performed it on 'The Muppet Show'. Apart from the hits, two of my favorite Nilsson songs are on this record, "Let the Good Times Roll" and "Gotta Get Up", both incredibly whimsical in that Harry Nilsson way. "The Point" is a masterpiece from January 1971, and Nilsson followed that up with another masterpiece in November of that same year. "Gotta get home, pick up the phone, I gotta let the people know I'm gonna be late" - Michael - MFL
26) James-"Sayonara"  From the album 'Wah-Wah'.

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