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Music For Listeners 12/31/2016
MFL Favorites from 2016

1) Beastie Boys-"Country Mike's Theme"  From the CD 'Anthology: The Sounds of Science'.
2) Douglas Miles Clarke-"Winter Day"  From the album 'Serendipitous'.
3) Girl Ray-"Trouble"  From the digital single for "Trouble".
4) The Big Moon-"Cupid"  From the digital single for "Cupid".
5) Sacred Paws-"Everyday"  From the album 'Everyday'.
6) The Wharves-"Rays of Light"  From the album 'Electa'.
7) The Monkees-"Me & Magdalena"  From the album 'Good Times!'.
8) Daunt-"Beamish Boy"  From the digital single for "Beamish Boy".
9) Beach Baby-"Sleeperhead"  From the album 'No Mind No Money'.
10) Teleman-"Dusseldorf"  From the album 'Brilliant Sanity'.
11) The Last Shadow Puppets-"Miracle Aligner"  From the album 'Everything You've Come to Expect'.
12) Super Furry Animals-"Bing Bong"  From the digital single for "Bing Bong".
13) Hooton Tennis Club-"Katy-Anne Bellis"  From the album 'Big Box of Chocolates'.
14) Chook Race-"Hard to Clean"  From the album 'Around the House'.
15) Honeyblood-"Ready For The Magic"  From the album 'Babes Never Die'.
16) Baseball Gregg-"On A Bus"  From the album 'Vacation'.
17) The Wave Pictures-"Pool Hall"  From the album 'Bamboo Diner In The Rain'.
18) Oscar-"Feel It Too"  From the album 'Cut and Paste'.
19) The Wedding Present-"Bells"  From the brand new album 'Going, Going...'.
20) QTY-"Rodeo"  From the digital single for "Rodeo".
21) Michael Kiwanuka-"One More Night"  From the album 'Love and Hate'.
22) Molly Burch-"Downhearted"  From the digital single for "Downhearted".
23) Margo Price-"Four Years of Chances"  From the album 'Midwest Farmer's Daughter'.
24) Fickle Friends-"Cry Baby"  From the digital single for "Cry Baby".
25) Shura-"What's It Gonna Be?"  From the album 'Nothing's Real'.
26) Patience-"The Pressure"  From the digital single for "The Pressure".
27) Amber Arcades-"Fading Lines"  From the album 'Fading Lines'.
28) Slomo Drags-"Effeminate Cop"  From the EP 'Slomo Drags'.
29) Pixies-"Tenement Song"  From the album 'Head Carrier'.
30) Still Corners-"Bad Country"  From the album 'Dead Blue'.
31) We Leave At Midnight-"Dover Dog"  From the album 'The Holy Rolling Flower Band'.
32) Angel Olsen-"Never Be Mine"  From the album 'My Woman'.
33) Whyte Horses-"The Snowfalls"  From the album 'Pop Or Not'.
34) Teenage Fanclub-"Thin Air"  From the album 'Here'.
35) The Stone Roses-"Beautiful Thing"  From the digital single for "Beautiful Thing".
36) Kate Bush-"Lily (Live At Hammersmith Apollo 2014)"  From the album 'Before the Dawn'.
37) Eros and the Eschaton-"Helicopter"  From the album 'Weight of Matter'.
38) Billy Bragg & Joe Henry-"In the Pines"  From the album 'Shine a Light: Field Recordings from the Great American Railroad'.
39) "The Mid-Morning Recording"       The Orb-'COW / Chill Out, World'
Michael's favorite album of 2016! An ambient masterpiece from the masters of electronica. I always love music from The Orb, but when they announced that it was going to be a pure ambient offering, I was incredibly excited. When the album did get released, it was all I listened to for about two weeks. There were many great albums in 2016, but I believe this album will be listened to for many weeks to come. You can add it to the pile of their master works. Even the titles of the tracks are playful, and that's how I like my Orb!!! - Michael - MFL
40) James-"Sayonara"  From the album 'Wah-Wah'.

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