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Music For Listeners 04/08/2017
A Tribute to Kevin Cacy - 1976-2017

1) Beastie Boys-"Country Mike's Theme"  From the CD 'Anthology: The Sounds of Science'.
2) Ween-"Exactly Where I'm At"  From the album 'White Pepper'.
3) 13th Floor Elevators-"It's All Over Now, Baby Blue"  From the album 'Easter Everywhere'.
4) The Shins-"One By One All Day"  From the album 'Oh, Inverted World'.
5) Wilco-"I Am Trying to Break Your Heart"  From the album 'Yankee Hotel Foxtrot'.
6) Ween-"What Deaner Was Talkin' About"  From the album 'Chocolate and Cheese'.
7) The Creation-"Making Time"  From the soundtrack album to the motion picture "Rushmore".
8) Max Avery Lichtenstein-"Tarnation"  From the soundtrack album to the motion picture "Tarnation".
9) Angelo Badalamenti-"A Real Indication"  From the soundtrack album to the motion picture "Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me".
10) Big Star-"The Ballad of El Goodo"  From the album '#1 Record'.
11) Pixies-"Cactus"  From the album 'Surfer Rosa'.
12) Built To Spill-"Carry The Zero"  From the album 'Keep It Like A Secret'.
13) Skankin' Pickle-"Onyonghasayo"  From the album 'Sing Along with Skankin' Pickle'.
14) Steve Martin-"Dentist"  From the soundtrack album to the motion picture "Little Shop of Horrors".
15) Gene Clark with the Gosdin Brothers-"Is Yours Is Mine"  From the album 'Gene Clark with the Gosdin Brothers'.
16) The International Submarine Band-"Satisfied Mind"  From the album 'Safe at Home'.
17) Gram Parsons-"Hearts on Fire"  From the album 'Grievous Angel'.
18) The Flying Burrito Brothers-"Wild Horses"  From the album 'Burrito Deluxe'.
19) Ennio Morricone-"The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly"  From the soundtrack album to the motion picture "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly".
20) Ennio Morricone-"Giorno Di Notte"  From the compilation album "Crime and Dissonance". A Lizard in a Woman's Skin (Italian: Una lucertola con la pelle di donna)
21) Ennio Morricone-"Man With A Harmonica"  From the soundtrack album to the motion picture "Once Upon A Time In the West".
22) The Kinks-"Waterloo Sunset"  From the album 'Something Else'.
23) The Beatles-"Rocky Raccoon"  From the album 'The Beatles'.
24) Heatmiser-"Pop in G"  From the album 'Mic City Sons'.
25) Buttercup-"Johnny Appleseed"  From the album 'Hot Love'.
26) Yo La Tengo-"Let's Save Tony Orlando's House"  From the album '...And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside Out'.
27) Dolly Patron-"Jolene"  From the album 'Jolene'.
28) Johnny Cash-"Jackson"  From the compilation album 'Greatest Hits Volume 1'.
29) Johnny Cymbal-"Mr. Bass Man"  From the compilation album 'Wacky Favorites'.
30) Yo La Tengo-"Here Comes My Baby"  From the album 'Fakebook'.
31) Nathaniel Merriweather Presents... Lovage-"Book of the Month"  From the album 'Music to Make Love to Your Old Lady By'.
32) Alison Krauss and Union Station-"Lucky One"  From the album 'New Favorite'.
33) The Black Seeds-"Backstabbers"  From the album 'The Sound Trek'.
34) Mr Bungle-"Sweet Charity"  From the album 'California'.
35) Otis Redding-"These Arms of Mine"  From the album 'Pain In My Heart'.
36) Nina Simone-"Here Comes the Sun"  From the compilation album 'The Very Best of Nina Simone: Sugar in My Bowl 1967-1972'.
37) The Flaming Lips-"Do You Realize?"  From the album 'Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots'.
38) Nick Drake-"Northern Sky"  From the album 'Bryter Layter'.
39) "The Mid-Morning Recording"        The Byrds-'Sweetheart of the Rodeo'
Being that Kevin loved The Byrds and Gram Parsons so much, this album immediately came to mind as possibly his favorite album ever. It was pretty obvious that this album should be played in its entirety because he loved it so. An amazing groundbreaking album that will always remind me of Kevin Cacy. I miss you so much already, but I will always think of you when I hear The Byrds and Gram Parsons. Thank you Kevin for being one of the most amazing life forces in my own life. I hope I can honor him by going out and doing more things, as he did. --- Michael - MFL
40) Ween-"Buenas Tardes Amigo"  From the album 'Chocolate and Cheese'.

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