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Music For Listeners 12/30/2017
MFL Favorites 2017

1) Beastie Boys-"Country Mike's Theme"  From the CD 'Anthology: The Sounds of Science'.
2) Margo Price-"A Little Pain"  From the album 'All American Made'.
3) Wesley Gonzalez-"Piece of Mind"  From the album 'Excellent Musician'.
4) Bad Sounds-"Living Alone"  From the EP 'Mixtape One'.
5) Django Django-"In Your Beat"  From the digital single for "In Your Beat".
6) Teleman-"Bone China Face"  From the EP 'Fünf'.
7) Middle Kids-"Edge of Town"  From the EP 'Middle Kids'.
8) Major Leagues-"It Was Always You"  From the album 'Good Love'.
9) Stella Donnelly-"Boys Will Be Boys"  From the EP 'Thrush Metal'.
10) Meg Mac-"Shiny Bright"  From the album 'Low Blows'.
11) Summer Salt-"Candy Wrappers"  From the EP 'So Polite'.
12) Bloody Beach-"Mezcal Letters"  From the album 'Boys'.
13) The Shins-"Name For You"  From the album 'Heartworms'.
14) Birds of Olympus-"Vine of the Soul"  From the digital single for "Vine of the Soul".
15) Superorganism-"It's All Good"  From the digital single for "It's All Good".
16) Dream Wife-"Somebody"  From the EP 'Fire'.
17) Charly Bliss-"Ruby"  From the album 'Guppy'.
18) Say Sue Me-"One Week"  From the album 'Say Sue Me'.
19) Catholic Action-"Doing Well (Radio Edit)"  From the digital single for "Doing Well".
20) Jillette Johnson-"Flip A Coin"  From the album 'All I Ever See In You Is Me'.
21) First Aid Kit-"It's a Shame"  From the digital single for "It's a Shame".
22) Joe Henry-"River Floor"  From the album 'Thrum'.
23) Buttercup-"How to Think More About Sex"  From the album 'Battle of Flowers'.
24) Sprinters-"Help"  From the album 'Sprinters'.
25) Fazerdaze-"Little Uneasy"  From the album 'Morningside'.
26) Day Wave-"Something Here"  From the album 'The Days We Had'.
27) The Cribs-"Rainbow Ridge"  From the album '24-7 Rock Star Shit'.
28) Hater-"Blushing"  From the EP 'Red Blinders'.
29) Hazel English-"Never Going Home"  From the album 'Never Going Home'.
30) Alex Cameron (feat. Angel Olsen)-"Stranger's Kiss"  From the album 'Forced Witness'.
31) Wolf Alice-"Don't Delete The Kisses"  From the album 'Visions of a Life'.
32) Juanita Stein-"Stargazer"  From the album 'America'.
33) Eat Lights Become Lights-"A Distant Point of Light"  From the album 'Nature Reserve'.
34) The Irresistable Force-"Warmer Than The Sun"  From the album 'Kira Kira'.
35) "The Mid-Morning Recording"        Girl Ray-'Earl Grey'
Orly's favorite album of 2017!
36) James-"Sayonara"  From the album 'Wah-Wah'.

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