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Music For Listeners 06/02/2018
The 180 - Guest Programmers on MFL
The 180.106 - Monica Reina

1) The Beatles-"In My Life"  From the album 'Rubber Soul'.
2) The Beatles-"Strawberry Fields Forever"  From the compilation album '1967-1970'.
3) The Beatles-"Here Comes the Sun"  From the album 'Abbey Road'.
4) The Beatles-"Golden Slumbers-Carry That Weight"  From the album 'Abbey Road'.
5) Grand Funk Railroad-"'m Your Captain (Closer to Home)"  From the album 'Closer to Home'.
6) Eagles-"Desperado"  From the album 'Desperado'.
7) Peter Frampton-"Do You Feel Like We Do (Live)"  From the album 'Frampton Comes Alive'.
8) Peter Frampton-"Lines On My Face (Live)"  From the album 'Frampton Comes Alive'.
9) Peter Frampton-"Baby, I Love Your Way (Live)"  From the album 'Frampton Comes Alive'.
10) Kiss-"King of the Night Time World"  From the album 'Destroyer'.
11) Kiss-"Do You Love Me"  From the album 'Destroyer'.
12) Fleetwood Mac-"Never Going Back Again"  From the album 'Rumours'.
13) Fleetwood Mac-"The Chain"  From the album 'Rumours'.
14) Fleetwood Mac-"Second Hand News"  From the album 'Rumours'.
15) The Cars-"Bye Bye Love"  From the vinyl album 'The Cars'.
16) The Cars-"Moving In Stereo"  From the vinyl album 'The Cars'.
17) The Cars-"All Mixed Up"  From the vinyl album 'The Cars'.
18) Cheap Trick-"Dream Police"  From the album 'Dream Police'.
19) Cheap Trick-"If You Want My Love"  From the album 'One On One'.
20) Cheap Trick-"She's Tight"  From the album 'One On One'.
21) Bon Jovi-"Runaway"  From the album 'Bon Jovi'.
22) Bon Jovi-"I'll Be There for You"  From the album 'New Jersey'.
23) Bon Jovi-"Keep the Faith"  From the album 'Keep the Faith'.
24) Def Leppard-"Bringin' on the Heartbreak"  From the album 'High N' Dry'.
25) Def Leppard-"Foolin'"  From the album 'Pyromania'.
26) Def Leppard-"Photograph"  From the album 'Pyromania'.
27) Guns N' Roses-"Nightrain"  From the album 'Appetite for Destruction'.
28) Guns N' Roses-"Patience"  From the album 'Lies'.
29) The Black Crowes-"Could I've Been So Blind"  From the album 'Shake Your Money Maker'.
30) The Black Crowes-"My Morning Song"  From the album 'The Southern Harmony and Musical Companion'.
31) The Black Crowes-"Wiser Time"  From the album 'Amorica'.
32) Foo Fighters-"Times Like These"  From the album 'One By One'.
33) Foo Fighters-"Best of You"  From the album 'In Your Honor'.
34) Hozier-"To Be Alone"  From the album 'Hozier'.
35) Hozier-"Sedated"  From the album 'Hozier'.
36) Hozier-"Work Song"  From the album 'Hozier'.

Listen to the show here

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