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Music For Listeners 08/17/2019
Michael's All Killer, No Filler - MFL XX
Five hours of Michael's favorite songs from the past 20 years

1) Beastie Boys-"Country Mike's Theme"  From the compilation album 'Anthology: The Sounds of Science'.
2) Laura Cantrell-"Starry Skies"  From the album 'No Way There from Here'.
3) Teleman-"Duselldorf"  From the album 'Brilliant Sanity'.
4) The Fireman-"Sun Is Shining"  From the album 'Electric Arguments'.
5) Jonquil-"Get Up"  From the album 'One Hundred Suns'.
6) Datarock-"Computer Camp Love"  From the album 'Datarock'.
7) Howling Bells-"The Night Is Young"  From the album 'Howling Bells'
8) The Molotovs-"Cracked the Bottles" Unreleased demo straight from the band.
9) Slow Club-"Trophy"  From the album 'Yeah So'.
10) The Earlies-"Wayward Song"  From the album 'These Were The Earlies'.
11) Buttercup-"You'll Just Have To Wait"  From the album 'Hot Love'.
12) Wilco-"Heavy Metal Drummer"  From the album 'Yankee Hotel Foxtrot'.
13) Scissors for Lefty-"Lay Down Your Weapons"  From the album 'Underhanded Romance'.
14) The Vaccines-"Do You Wanna Man?"  From the EP 'Melody Calling'.
15) The Whigs-"Right Hand On My Heart"  From the album 'Mission Control'.
16) The Cribs-"Mirror Kissers"  From the album 'The New Fellas'.
17) Pete and the Pirates-"Mr. Understanding"  From the album 'Little Death'.
18) Murder City Devils-"Press Gang"  From the album 'In Name and Blood'.
19) Young Knives-"Vision In Rags"  From the album 'Ornaments from the Silver Arcade'.
20) Big Soy-"The Noise You Make"  From the album 'Putting the _____ in _____'.
21) The Wave Pictures-"Just Like A Drummer"  From the album 'Instant Coffee Baby'.
22) Standard Fare-"Half-Sister"  From the album 'Out of Sight, Out of Town'.
23) Sound Team-"The Fastest Man Alive"  From the EP 'Work'.
24) Envelopes-"Smoke In The Desert, Eating The Sand, Hide In The Grass"  From the album 'Here Comes The Wind'.
25) His Clancyness-"Safe Around the Edges"  From the album 'Vicious'.
26) Wesley Gonzales-"Piece of Mind"  From the album 'Excellent Musician'.
27) The Spinto Band-"Oh Mandy"  From the album 'Nice and Nicely Done'.
28) Summer Camp-"Horizon"  From the album 'Bad Love'.
29) Ben Folds-"Landed"  From the album 'Songs for Silverman'.
30) Jens Lekman-"Black Cab"  From the EP 'Maple Leaves'.
31) Django Django-"Wor"  From the album 'Django Django'.
32) Kraftwerk-"Aero-Dynamik"  From the album 'Tour De France'
33) Gorillaz-"Rhinestone Eyes"  From the album 'Plastic Beach'.
34) Chomsky-"Mason"  From the album 'A Few Possible Selections for the Soundtrack of Your Life'.
35) Luna-"The Old Fashioned Way"  From the album 'The Days of Our Nights'.
36) Ra Ra Riot-"Ghost Under Rocks"  From the EP 'Ra Ra Riot'.
37) Art Brut-"DC Comics And Chocolate Milkshake"  From the album 'Art Brut Vs. Satan'.
38) The Grates-"Science Is Golden"  From the album 'Gravity Won't Get You High'.
39) Bloody Beach-"Lovechild"  From the album 'Bloody Beach Pirate Radio Presents'.
40) Alt-J-"Something Good"  From the album 'An Awesome Wave'.
41) Michael Kiwanuka-"I'm Getting Ready"  From the EP 'I'm Getting Ready'.
42) The Monkees-"Me and Magdalena"  From the album 'Good Times'.
43) The Shins-"One By One All Day (Live at the Engine Room)" Exclusive recording for broadcast on MFL.
44) The Shins-"New Slang (Live at the Engine Room)" Exclusive recording for broadcast on MFL.
45) Margo Price-"A Little Pain"  From the album 'All-American Made'.
46) Poster Children-"Western Springs"  From the album 'No More Songs About Sleep and Fire'.
47) Salaryman-"Portwine Road"  From the album 'The Electric Forest'.
48) Mammoth Penguins-"Strength In My Legs"  From the album 'Hide and Seek'.
49) Let's Wrestle-"Rain Ruins Revolution"  From the album 'Let's Wrestle'.
50) Oppenheimer-"Saturday Looks Bad To Me"  From the album 'Oppenheimer'.
51) Joe Henry-"River Floor"  From the album 'Thrum'.
52) First Aid Kit-"Emmylou"  From the album 'The Lion's Roar'.
53) Zulu Winter-"Let's Move Back To Front"  From the album 'Language'.
54) Casiokids-"Fot I Hose"  From the album 'Topp Stemming Pa Lokal Bar'.
55) U2-"The Ground Beneath Her Feet"  From the soundtrack album "The Million Dollar Hotel".
56) Tacks, The Boy Disaster-"Frozen Feet"  From the EP 'Oh, Beatrice'.
57) Still Corners-"Endless Summer"  From the album 'Creatures Of An Hour'.
58) Fanfarlo-"The Walls Are Coming Down"  From the album 'Reservoir'.
59) Kate Bush-"Somewhere In Between"  From the album 'Aerial'.
60) The Fires of Ork-"Sky Lounge"  From the album 'The Fires of Ork 2'.
61) Yo La Tengo-"Our Way to Fall"  From the album 'And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside-Out'.
62) Thoughts Detecting Machines-"Knot"  From the EP 'An Introduction To Thoughts Detecting Machines'.
63) The Orb-"Terminus"  From the album 'Cydonia'.
64) The Spinto Band-"Look Away"  From the album 'Cool Cocoon'.
65) James-"Sayonara"  From the album 'Wah-Wah'.

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