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Music For Listeners 08/24/2019
Music Picked by Listeners - MFL XX
Michael and Orly's close family and friends program the official 20th anniversary broadcast of MFL!!!

1) Beastie Boys-"Country Mike's Theme"  From the compilation album 'Anthology: The Sounds of Science'.
2) Jessica Andrews-"Who I Am"  From the album 'Who I Am'. Picked by Angela Thomas and Jessica Thomas.
3) The Rolling Stones-"Sympathy for the Devil"  From the album 'Beggars Banquet'. Picked by Jamie Sumaya
4) Arctic Monkeys-"Cornerstone"  From the album 'Humbug'. Picked by Hannah Roche
5) Morrissey-"Speedway"  From the album 'Vauxhall and I'. Picked by Rene Medellin
6) Oasis-"Live Forever"  From the album 'Definately Maybe'. Picked by Kimberly Serafin
7) The Byrds-"Turn! Turn! Turn!"  From the album 'Turn! Turn! Turn!'. Picked by Mary Martin
8) Michael Kiwanuka-"Cold Little Heart"  From the album 'Love & Hate'. Picked by Jeanne Jakle
9) 5 Seconds of Summer-"Youngblood"  From the album 'Youngblood'. Picked by Gary Oswalt
10) The Rolling Stones-"Gimme Shelter"  From the album 'Let It Bleed'. Picked by Gerald Thomas
11) Robin Trower-"Day of the Eagle"  From the album 'Bridge of Sighs'. Picked by Mark Thomas
12) Suede-"The Wild Ones"  From the album 'Dog Man Star'. Picked by Alfred Rocha
13) Belle and Sebastian-"Piazza, New York Catcher"  From the album 'Dear Catastrophe Waitress'. Picked by Xochitl Martinez
14) Lush (featuring Jarvis Cocker)-"Ciao"  From the album 'Lovelife'. Picked by Gabi Gerstner
15) Teenage Fanclub-"Near You"  From the album 'Howdy!'. Picked by Lauree McArdle
16) Bob Dylan-"You Gotta Serve Somebody"  From the album 'Slow Train Coming'. Picked by Linda Brown
17) Dave Fenley-"Love Looks Good On You"  From the EP 'The Spread Love Sessions, Vol. 1'. Picked by Audrey Oswalt
18) Fleetwood Mac-"Sara"  From the album 'Tusk'. Picked by Sarah Parr
19) Lady Gaga-"Poker Face"  From the album 'The Fame'. Picked by Kathy Thomas
20) New Order-"Ceremony"  From the compilation album 'International'. Picked by Shauna Lomax
21) Joy Division-"Atmosphere"  From the compilation album 'Substance'. Picked by Tam Coyle
22) Stereolab-"Blips, Drips & Strips"  From the album 'Cobra and Phases Group Play Voltage in the Milky Night'. Picked by Sidonie Hand-Halford
23) Siouxsie and the Banshees-"Cities in Dust"  From the album 'Tinderbox'. Picked by Roman Hernandez
24) The Kinks-"Waterloo Sunset"  From the album 'Something Else by The Kinks'. Picked by Amanda Martin
25) Sting-"Fields of Gold"  From the album 'Ten Summoner's Tales'. Picked by Tom Thomas
26) Morgana King-"It's A Quiet Thing"  From the album 'It's A Quiet Thing'. Picked by Nina Brown
27) The Bee Gees-"How Can You Mend A Broken Heart"  From the album 'Trafalgar'. Picked by Cindy Thomas
28) Earth Wind and Fire-"Let’s Groove"  From the album 'Raise!'. Picked by Diana Torres
29) Ata Kak-"Oba sima"  From the album 'Obaa Sima'. Picked by Miguel Conchas
30) They Might Be Giants-"Birdhouse In Your Soul"  From the album 'Flood'. Picked by Rocky O’Reilly
31) The Libertines-"Can’t Stand Me Now"  From the album 'The Libertines'. Picked by Jonathan Pinto
32) The Grates-"Burn Bridges"  From the album 'Teeth Lost, Hearts Won'. Picked by Matthew Thomas
33) The Edgar Winter Group-"Tobacco Road"  From the album 'Entrance'. Picked by Kevin Weldon
34) Insprial Carpets-"Sleep Well Tonight"  From the album 'The Beast Inside'. Picked by Kristie McWhorter
35) Lynyrd Skynyrd-"Simple Man"  From the album '(Pronounced 'Leh-'nerd 'Skin-'nerd)'. Picked by Michael J Thomas
36) Dion-"Runaround Sue"  From the album 'Runaround Sue'. Picked by Pierre Hall
37) Al Green-"Tired of Being Alone"  From the album 'Al Green Gets Next to You'. Picked by Jon Eaton
38) Jack Johnson-"Banana Pancakes"  From the album 'In Between Dreams'. Picked by Alex Torres Jr
39) Pearl Charles-"Sweet Sunshine Wine"  From the digital single for "Sweet Sunshine Wine". Picked by Lio Kanine
40) Leonard Cohen-"The Future"  From the album 'The Future'. Picked by Ross Ruediger
41) Fleetwood Mac-"Silver Springs"  From the compilation album 'The Chain'. Picked by Lorraine Kostroun
42) Mekons-"Hello Cruel World"  From the album 'The Edge of the World'. Picked by Morris Franklin
43) The Beatles-"In My Life"  From the album 'Rubber Soul'. Picked by Bonnie Thomas
44) Catholic Action-"Doing Well"  From the album 'In Memory Of'. Picked by Graham Coutts
45) The Twilight Sad-"And She Would Darken the Memory"  From the album 'Fourteen Autumns and Fifteen Winters'. Picked by Brody McCoy
46) Bark Psychosis-"Eyes and Smiles"  From the album 'Hex'. Picked by Jason Cruz
47) Cate Le Bon-"Love Is Not Love"  From the album 'Crab Day'. Picked by Daisy Goodwin
48) The Irresistable Force-"Power"  From the album 'It's Tomorrow Already'. Picked by Jeffery Smith
49) Marek Hemmann-"Gemini"  From the EP 'Gemini'. Picked by Donald Bean
50) Brian Eno-"Golden Hours"  From the album 'Another Green World'. Picked by John Navarro
51) The Orb-"Blue Room (Radio Edit)"  From the single for "Blue Room". Picked by Sarah Norton
52) James-"Sayonara"  From the album 'Wah-Wah'.

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