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Music For Listeners 01/04/2020

1) Beastie Boys-"Country Mike's Theme"  From the compilation album 'Anthology: The Sounds of Science'.
2) Darling West-"Hey There"  From the forthcoming album 'We’ll Never Know Unless We Try'.
3) Beach Bunny-"Ms. California"  From the forthcoming album Honeymoon".
4) Young Guv-"Patterns Prevail"  From the album 'I and II'.
5) RVG-"Alexandra"  From the digital single for "Alexandra".
6) Fran-"So Surreal"  From the album 'A Private Picture'.
7) Little Simz-"Offence"  From the album 'Grey Area'.
8) Sault-"Why Why Why Why Why"  From the digital single for "5".
9) Sault-"Smile and Go"  From the digital single for "7".
10) Joesef-"All I Ever Wanted"  From the brand new EP 'Play Me Something Nice'.
11) Vanishing Twin-"Magician's Success"  From the album 'The Age Of Immunology'.
12) Fanclub-"Trespassing"  From the digital single for "Trespassing".
13) The Mauskovic Dance Band-"Space Drum Machine"  From the album 'The Mauskovic Dance Band'.
14) Clairo-"Bags"  From the album 'Immunity'.
15) Good Morning-"Garden"  From the album 'Basketball Breakups'.
16) Winter-"Nothing More"  From the brand new EP 'Hazy'.
17) Bombay Bicycle Club (Feat. Billie Marten)-"Racing Stripes"  From the forthcoming album 'Everything Else Has Gone Wrong'.
18) Salim Nourallah-"Born With a Broken Heart"  From brand new digital single for "Born With a Broken Heart".
19) Demitasse-"Flamenco"  From the forthcoming album 'Perfect Life'.
20) Adwaith-"Fel i Fod"  From the album 'Melyn'.
21) Charlène Darling-"Mon jeu préféré"  From the album 'Saint-Guidon'.
22) Whyte Horses (feat. La Roux)-"Mister Natural"  From the forthcoming album 'Hard Times'.
23) Purple Heart Parade-"Petrichor "  From the forthcoming EP 'Desolation Angel'.
24) Hussy-"YLMD"  From the brand new single 'YLMD'.
25) Inhaler-"It Won't Always Be Like This"  From the digital single for "It Won't Always Be Like This".
26) Tame Impala-"Posthumous Forgiveness"  From the album 'The Slow Rush'.
27) Graham Reynolds-"Highway 67"  From the brand new album 'Marfa: A Country & Western Big Band Suite'.
28) Luke De-Sciscio-"I'm a Dream Fighting Out of a Man"  From the digital single for "I'm a Dream Fighting Out of a Man".
29) The Bonzo Dog Band-"I'm the Urban Spaceman"  From the album 'The Doughnut in Granny's Greenhouse'. RIP Neil Innes
30) "The Mid-Morning Recording"                Lush-'Spooky'
We mourn the loss of graphic designer Vaughan Oliver, who for over 30 years was the go-to man for the design for 4AD records. You most likely have some of his art in your record collection. If you have any Pixies at all, then you certainly have his work. We sadly never got to meet him face to face, but I did have a couple of online message sessions with him. We were hoping to have him guest host a program, but it never came to light. His work is masterful, and he will be missed. With Lush being one of our very favorite 4AD bands, we thought we should play one of the 4AD classics, and one with a cover design by Vaughan. I remember meeting Lush for a second time during this tour, and they were even better the second time around. There is even existing video of a young Orly interviewing Emma Anderson and the late drummer Chris Acland on the banks of the Colorado River in Austin. My major crush for Emma was only heightened when she told the viewers of Indievision that she listened to "Stereolab, Brian Eno, and Massive Attack". Be still my beating heart. It must be noted that The Flaming Lips also opened for Lush on that tour, back when they were self-described 'punks taking acid'. Good times. "And don't you know you're beautiful." - Michael - MFL
31) James-"Sayonara"  From the album 'Wah-Wah'.

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