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Music For Listeners 12/26/2020
MFL Favorites 2020

1) Beastie Boys-"Country Mike's Theme"  From the compilation album 'Anthology: The Sounds of Science'.
2) Margo Price-"Letting Me Down"  From the album 'That's How Rumors Get Started'.
3) Das Koolies-"It's All About The Dolphins"  From the digital single for "It's All About The Dolphins".
4) Sylvan Esso-"Ferris Wheel"  From the album 'Free Love'.
5) Django Django-"Glowing in the Dark"  From the digital single for "Glowing in the Dark".
6) A Certain Ratio-"Always In Love"  From the album 'ACR Loco'.
7) Yard Act-"Fixer Upper"  From the digital single for "Fixer Upper".
8) The Strokes-"Bad Decisions"  From the album 'The New Abnormal'.
9) Beach Bunny-"Promises"  From the album 'Honeymoon'.
10) The Cribs-"Screaming In Suburbia"  From the album 'Night Network'.
11) Cassia-"Do Right"  From the digital single for "Do Right".
12) Declan McKenna-"Be an Astronaut"  From the album 'Zeros'.
13) Tim Burgess-"Lucky Creatures"  From the album 'I Love The New Sky'.
14) Sammy Miller and the Congregation-"Eagle Rock (Radio Edit)"  From the digital single for "Eagle Rock".
15) Slow Pulp-"Idaho"  From the album 'Moveys'.
16) Sweeping Promises-"Hunger for a Way Out"  From the album 'Hunger for a Way Out'.
17) Michelle (feat Arlo Parks)-"Sunrise"  From the digital single for "Sunrise".
18) Soccer Mommy-"Circle the Drain"  From the album 'Color Theory'.
19) Emma Kupa-"Does It Feel New"  From the album 'It Will Come Easier'.
20) Still Corners-"Crying"  From the digital single for "Crying".
21) Juanita Stein-"Snapshot"  From the album 'Snapshot'.
22) The Monkees-"You Just May Be The One (Live)"  From the album 'The Monkees Live: The Mike and Micky Show'.
23) Doves-"Broken Eyes"  From the album 'The Universal Want'.
24) Cornershop-"St Marie Under Canon (Radio Edit)"  From the album 'England Is A Garden'.
25) JWestern-"Call You Right Now"  From the EP 'Just People'.
26) The Radio Dept.-"You're Lookin' At My Guy"  From the digital single for "You're Lookin' At My Guy".
27) Brigid Mae Power-"Wearing Red That Eve"  From the album 'Head Above The Water'.
28) The Innocence Mission-"On Your Side"  From the album 'See You Tomorrow'.
29) Hugo Manuel-"The Grey Lawns Cold Where Gold, Where Guickgold Lies!"  From the album 'The Starlight Night'.
30) The Orb-"Pervitin (Empire Culling & The Hemlock Stone Version)"  From the album 'Abolition of The Royal Familia'.
31) Maya Hawke-"Generous Heart"  From the album 'Blush'.
32) This Is The Kit-"Was Magician"  From the album 'Off Off On'.
33) Holly Humberstone-"Deep End"  From the EP 'Falling Asleep At The Wheel'.
34) Khruangbin & Leon Bridges-"Texas Sun"  From the EP 'Texas Sun'.
35) "The Mid-Morning Recording"              Summer Camp-'Romantic Comedy'
Michael's favorite album of 2020 --- Released on Valentine's Day 2020, the fifth album from Summer Camp is part soundtrack, and a part "songs inspired by" album for the documentary film "Romantic Comedy", directed by Elizabeth Sankey. She is one half of the wife/husband duo Summer Camp, and the film was her directorial debut. After her and Jeremy worked on the soundtrack for the indie film "Beyond Clueless", Elizabeth had the idea to focus on the genre of the romantic comedy in a documentary film. After a few years research and work, the film had its US debut at SXSW 2019. In the middle of 2019, Summer Camp released a single called "Love of My Life". This single along with the b-side would end up on the upcoming album. "Love of My Life" ended up being my favorite single of 2019. Then, at the end of 2019, they announced their upcoming album as the companion piece to the documentary film, to be released on Valentine's Day 2020. This album is a great showcase for Summer Camp. The samples from past films sit in well with their melodies and lyrics. Little interludes taking the listener from short film to another. The album also features my favorite single of 2020, titled "Women In Love". A lovely piece of pop craftsmanship featuring swirling string arrangements. It may be their best work, and that is saying something because this band consistantly releases masterpieces. I always look forward to new music from Jeremy and Elizabeth. I have the DVD of the documentary coming my way, and I'm excited to see it. "I wanna get married in a big white dress as the credits roll, the credits roll. What happens next? Well I don't know 'cause the credits roll, the credits roll." - Michael - MFL
36) James-"Sayonara"  From the album 'Wah-Wah'.

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