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Music For Listeners 01/16/2021

1) Beastie Boys-"Country Mike's Theme"  From the compilation album 'Anthology: The Sounds of Science'.
2) Laura Cantrell-"Push the Swing"  From the compilation album '20th Anniversary Single Series'.
3) The Spinto Band-"Crack the Whip"  From the album 'Nice and Nicely Done'.
4) Teleman-"Glory Hallelujah"  From the album 'Brilliant Sanity'.
5) The Verve-"Mover"  From the digital single for "Mover".
6) The Whigs-"I Am For Real"  From the album 'In the Dark'.
7) David Bowie-"Hang On To Yourself"  From the album 'The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars'.
8) Ride-"Going Blank Again"  From the CD single for "Twisterella".
9) Alex the Astronaut-"I Think You're Great"  From the album 'The Theory of Absolutely Nothing'.
10) Big Soy-"Back To Town"  From the EP 'Part of You'.
11) Bad Sounds-"Evil Powers"  From the album 'Get Better'.
12) The Little Ones-"Shake Your Sign"  From the album 'The Dawn Sang Along'.
13) Chapel Club-"Surfacing"  From the album 'Palace'.
14) Cassia-"Under The Sun"  From the album 'Replica'.
15) A Classic Education-"Badlands and Owls"  From the EP 'Hey There Stranger'.
16) Still Corners-"History of Love"  From the EP 'Remember Pepper'.
17) Joe Henry and Billy Bragg-"Gentle on My Mind"  From the album 'Shine a Light: Field Recordings from the Great American Railroad'.
18) The Wave Pictures-"The Red Suitcase"  From the album 'Brushes With Happiness'.
19) Blur-"Coping (Andy Partridge Version)"  From the box set 'Blur 21'.
20) Bloody Beach-"Needs"  From the album 'Bloody Beach Pirate Radio Presents'.
21) Ben Folds-"Late"  From the album 'Songs for Silverman'.
22) Charlie Parr-"Warmin' By the Devil's Fire"  From the album 'Roustabout'.
23) Treetop Flyers-"It's Hard To Understand"  From the album 'Treetop Flyers'.
24) Thievery Corporation-"Shaolin Satellite"  From the album 'Sounds From The Thievery Hi-Fi'.
25) Bill Drummond-"I'm The King Of Joy"  From the album 'The Man'.
26) Dub Trees-"A Way of Being Free (Utterly Incredible Too Long Ago Sometimes Mix)"  From the album 'Nature Never Did Betray The Heart That Loved Her'.
27) The Orb-"Sausage Tats Mit Gravy (Dom Mix 1)"  From the remastered and expanded edition of the album 'Pomme Fritz'.
28) "The Mid-Morning Recording"         Peter Gabriel-'Up'
Pleased to say that I saw Peter finally perform live on the tour for this album. There's even a soundboard recording of the performance officially released. I thought about playing that live CD, but went with the studio album. I recently purchased a vinyl copy of this album, and it was yet another great album that I had not played before. Some great tunes on this album including "Sky Blue"; being one of the best songs in all of Peter's repertoire. "Growing Up" and "More Than This" are great singles as well. A really strong album from the super talented Mr. Gabriel. The album has really interesting album art as well. Most of his albums do. "I sing through the land, the land sings through me. Sky blue" - Michael - MFL
29) James-"Sayonara"  From the album 'Wah-Wah'.

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