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Music For Listeners 05/15/2021

1) Beastie Boys-"Country Mike's Theme"  From the compilation album 'Anthology: The Sounds of Science'.
2) Charlie Parr-"Last of the Better Days Ahead"  From the forthcoming album 'Last of the Better Days Ahead'.
3) The Goon Sax-"In the Stone"  From the forthcoming album 'Mirror II'.
4) The Lazy Eyes-"Nobody Taught Me"  From the forthcoming EP 'EP 2'.
6) Sleater-Kinney-"Worry With You"  From the forthcoming album 'Path of Wellness'.
7) James-"Recover"  From the forthcoming album 'All the Colours of You'.
8) Poster Paints-"Number 1"  From the brand new digital single for "Number 1".
9) The Go! Team-"Pow"  From the forthcoming album 'Get Up Sequences Part One'.
10) New Order-"The Perfect Kiss (Live at Alexandra Palace)"  From the forthcoming album 'Education Entertainment Recreation (Live at Alexandra Palace)'.
11) Amy Winehouse and Paul Weller-"Don't Go To Strangers"  From the brand new album 'At The BBC'.
12) The Shacks-"Smile Now, Cry Later"  From the brand new compilation album 'So Long Sunny'.
13) Hazel English-"California Dreamin'"  From the brand new digital single for "California Dreamin'".
14) Angel Olsen-"More Than This"  From the brand new box set 'Song of the Lark and Other Far Memories'.
15) The Avalanches-"Frontier Psychiatrist (Mario Caldato Jr's 85% Remix)"  From the forthcoming 20th anniversary edition of the album 'Since I Left You'.
16) Mr Jukes-"Vibrate"  From the forthcoming album 'The Locket'.
17) Sofia Kourtesis-"By Your Side"  From the brand new EP 'Fresia Magdalena'.
18) Dougie Stu-"Wind Chaser"  From the brand new album 'Familar Future'.
19) Fleur-"La Tribu Des Trompettes"  From the brand new album 'Fleur'.
20) Gillian Hills-"Tut tut tut tut"  From the forthcoming compilation album 'Pop Psychédélique (The Best Of French Psychedelic Pop 1964-2019)'.
21) Second-Hand Furniture-"Nice Try, Sunshine!"  From the forthcoming compilation album 'Nice Try, Sunshine'.
22) Nuevo-"Querido"  From the brand new digital single for "Querido".
23) Sorry-"Cigarette Packet"  From the brand new AA single for "Cigarette Packet"/"Separate".
24) Phoebe Green-"IDK"  From the brand new digital single for "IDK".
25) Max Leone-"untitled"  From the brand new EP 'Malleable'.
26) Spiritualized-"Spread Your Wings"  From the album 'Pure Phase'.
27) Todd Rundgren & Sparks-"Your Fandango"  From the brand new digital single for "Your Fandango".
28) Sara Bug-"Rosebank"  From the brand new album 'Sara Bug'.
29) Sarah Kinsley-"Over + Under"  From the forthcoming EP 'The King'.
30) Tape Waves-"Tired"  From the forthcoming album 'Bright'.
31) "The Mid-Morning Recording"        Saint Etienne-'Good Humor'
This MMR was picked out by Orly. I hadn't heard it since it was released. A really great fleshed out sound on this album from the group. Bucket list band for sure. - Michael - MFL
32) James-"Sayonara"  From the album 'Wah-Wah'.

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