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MFL - Past Playlists

Music For Listeners 01/29/2022
Rebroadcast 02/05/2022

1) Beastie Boys-"Country Mike's Theme"  From the compilation album 'Anthology: The Sounds of Science'.
2) Jessie Coulter-"Ain't No Way"  From the vinyl album 'Diamond in the Rough'.
3) Yard Act-"Quarantine in the Sticks"  From the brand new vinyl album 'The Overload'.
4) Treetop Flyers-"Golden Hour"  From the brand new vinyl album 'Old Habits'.
5) East Village-"Strawberry Window"  From the vinyl compilation album 'Hotrod Hotel'.
6) Django Django-"Hold Fast"  From the vinyl album 'Glowing In the Dark'.
7) The Cribs-"Glitters Like Gold"  From the vinyl 7" single for "Glitters Like Gold".
8) Jellyfish-"All Is Forgiven"  From the vinyl album 'Spilt Milk'.
9) Idlewild-"I am A Message"  From the vinyl album 'Hope Is Important'.
10) Inspiral Carpets-"The Beast Inside"  From the vinyl album 'The Beast Inside'.
11) Suede-"This Hollywood Life"  From the album 'Dog Man Star'.
12) The Charlatans and The Chemical Brothers-"Time For Livin' (Radio Edit)"  From the compliation album 'Help'.
13) Ride-"Chelsea Girl"  From the vinyl EP 'Ride'.
14) XTC-"Jason and the Argonauts"  From the album 'English Settlement'.
15) The Jesus and Mary Chain-"Just Like Honey"  From the vinyl 7" single for "Just Like Honey".
16) 10CC-"I'm Mandy Fly Me"  From the vinyl album 'How Dare You!'.
17) Voxtrot-"Mothers, Sisters, Daughters & Wives"  From the vinyl 7" single for "Mothers, Sisters, Daughters & Wives".
18) Kirsty Maccoll-"Walking Down Madison"  From the vinyl album 'Electric Landlady'.
19) The Beloved-"The Sun Rising"  From the vinyl album 'Happiness'.
20) The Fireman-"Sun is Shining"  From the vinyl album 'Electric Arguments'.
21) Portishead-"Wandering Star"  From the vinyl album 'Dummy'.
22) The Orb-"Little Fluffy Clouds (Drum and Vox Version)"  From the vinyl remix 12" single for "Little Fluffy Clouds".
23) Amy Winehouse (Feat. Jools Holland)-"Monkey Man (Live)"  From the vinyl album 'At the BBC'.
24) Saint Etienne-"Pond House"  From the album 'I"ve Been Trying To Tell You'.
25) Slowdive-'Souvlaki Space Station"  From the vinyl album 'Souvlaki'.
26) Pink Floyd-"Grandchester Meadows"  From the vinyl album 'Ummagumma'.
27) "The Mid-Morning Recording"               Hamish Hawk-'Heavy Elevator'
Hamish Hawk is most likely our favorite new find for both of us at the show. This is his third album overall, but it seems teaming up with Rod Jones from the band Idlewild has moved his artistic endeavors into another direction. He has taken his songwriting, and craft to another level indeed with his 2021 release. An album with witty, droll, and sometimes silly lyrical content, paired with "heavy" tones. It's an album heavy on sound and atmospheres. An intellegent and mature recording. It certainly goes in a lot of different directions, and his influences run across many artists of many time periods and genres. He seems pleased that he has made an album that is being shared to many places unknown, and we hope to see him at SXSW in March, so I can thank him personally for it. "A car with nice curves, and a wife with a perfect serve, just like the Mauritian Badminton Doubles Champion 1973!" - Michael - MFL
28) James-"Sayonara"  From the album 'Wah-Wah'.

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