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Music For Listeners 06/18/2022

1) Beastie Boys-"Country Mike's Theme"  From the compilation album 'Anthology: The Sounds of Science'.
2) Young Guv-"Maybe I Should Luv Somebody Else"  From the forthcoming album 'IV'.
3) Embrace-"Death is Not the End"  From the forthcoming album 'How To Be A Person Like Other People'.
4) Horsegirl-"World of Pots and Pans"  From the brand new album 'Versions of Modern Performance'.
5) The Beths-"Silence is Golden"  From the forthcoming album 'Expert in a Dying Field'.
6) Fontaines DC-"Roman Holiday"  From the album 'Skinty Fia'.
7) Tim Burgess-"Here Comes the Weekend"  From the forthcoming album 'Typical Music'.
8) The Charlatans-"Then (Live at The Reading Festival 1992)"  From the forthcoming album 'Live at The Reading Festival 1992'.
9) Pixies-"There's a Moon On"  From the forthcoming album 'Doggerel'.
10) Let's Whisper-"The Thing That Defines You"  From the forthcoming album 'The In-between Times'.
11) Beach Bunny-"Entropy"  From the forthcoming album 'Emotional Creature'.
12) The Umbrellas-"Write it in the Sky"  From the brand new single for "Write it in the Sky".
13) The Jesus and Mary Chain-"Just Like Honey (Live at the Barrowlands)"  From the album 'Live at Barrowlands'.
14) Soccer Mommy-"Bones"  From the forthcoming album 'Sometimes, Forever'.
15) Hamish Hawk-"Angel Numbers"  From the brand new single for "Angel Numbers".
16) Suede-"She Still Leads Me On"  From the forthcoming album 'Autofiction'.
17) Cassia-"16-18 (Why You Lacking Energy)"  From the forthcoming album 'Why You Lacking Energy'.
18) Jeremy Warmsley-"Sing From the Heart"  From the forthcoming album 'American Daydream'.
19) Acid House Kings-"Honey"  From the brand new single for "Honey".
20) Thee Sacred Souls-"Easier Said Than Done"  From the forthcoming album 'Thee Sacred Souls'.
21) Plato III-"Sorry if I Dissed You"  From the brand new album 'The Devil Has Texas'.
22) Adrian Quesada featuring Marc Ribot & Money Mark-"Heilo Seco"  From the brand new album 'Boleros Psicodélicos'.
23) Santiago Jimenez Jr-"El Chisme"  From the brand new album 'Still Kicking'.
24) Supergrass-"Moving"  From the brand new EP 'Moving'.
25) Beth Orton-"She Cries Your Name"  From the album 'Trailer Park'.
26) Beth Orton-"Sweetest Decline"  From the album 'Central Reservation'.
27) Billy Bragg-"A New England"  From the brand new album 'Life's A Riot With Spy vs Spy (30th Anniversary Edition)'.
28) Marina Allen-"Superreality"  From the forthcoming album 'Centrifics'.
29) Wyldest-"Abilene"  From the forthcoming album 'Feed the Flowers Nightmares'.
30) Angel Olsen-"All the Good Times"  From the brand new album 'Big Time'.
31) Faye Webster-"Cheers (to You and Me)"  From the brand new EP 'Car Therapy Sessions'.
32) "The Mid-Morning Recording"   Kate Bush-"Before the Dawn - Act 1"
Well it seems that due to a well placed song in a soundtrack, Kate Bush is now a record breaker. Finally achiving a number one single worldwide with "Running Up That Hill (A Deal with God)", 37 years after it was first a UK hit, making it the widest gap between top charting singles, and having her become the oldest woman to take the top spot. In the process, making so many young fans, even overtaking Lizzo, Harry Stiles, BTS and others mega acts to have the #1 single in the world. It is odd as a thirty-plus year fan of her work, but most certainly welcome. Kate deserves all the praise. She's one of the few artists whom I own their entire studio album output, and it's really amazing to see it. I've played most of her studio output at this point, but then I thought of playing her live album which documents her London residency in 2014, making her return to the live stage in thirty years. However, the release has a running time of 2 hours and 35 minutes, which is a bit long into the morning. So, we decided that this morning we play Act I to start, and in the coming weeks, we'll get on Acts II and III. Act I features various songs from four of her five newest releases dating back to the singles from 'Hounds of Love', which saw limited, mostly charity live performances at the time. One song from 'The Sensual World', and a few from 'The Red Shoes' and 'Aerial' take up the rest of the Act. (She saves a performance of one song from her newest studio album to date, 2011's '50 Words for Snow' for an encore in Act III.) Next up is Act II, "The Ninth Wave", which is the entire second side of 'Hounds of Love', considered by some to be her magnum opus. That will be on in a couple of weeks most likely. "One more step to the top of the city. Put me up on the angel's shoulders" - Michael - MFL
33) James-"Sayonara"  From the album 'Wah-Wah'.

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