The 180 on Music For Listeners

Music For Listeners at Lazarus Brewing 2022

Music For Listeners is going into its 23rd year on the radio in San Antonio, and we are returning to Austin for our 12th round of Daytime Parties. Once again returning to Lazarus Brewing on East 6th Street, March 15-19, 2022. We feel we have put together one of the best lineups that we have ever done. It is stacked, and once again features talent from all over the world!
Check out the line up for each day below!

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Thank you for being a part of the event!

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Day One
Tuesday - March 15

Tuesday 1 PM - MFL at Lazarus 2022

1 PM - Tuesday March 15
Living Hour (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

Tuesday 2 PM - MFL at Lazarus 2022

2 PM - Tuesday March 15
Parliamo (Perth, Scotland)

Tuesday 3 PM - MFL at Lazarus 2022

3 PM - Tuesday March 15
Malin Pettersen (Oslo, Norway)

Tuesday 4 PM - MFL at Lazarus 2022

4 PM - Tuesday March 15
Fieh (Toten, Norway)

Tuesday 5 PM - MFL at Lazarus 2022

5 PM - Tuesday March 15
Gift (Brooklyn, New York)

Tuesday 6 PM - MFL at Lazarus 2022

6 PM - Tuesday March 15
Melts (Dublin, Ireland)

Tuesday 7 PM - MFL at Lazarus 2022

7 PM - Tuesday March 15
Yard Act (Leeds, United Kingdom)