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Music For Listeners 12/03/2022
Christine McVie Tribute
Hosted by Michael and Ross

1) Beastie Boys-"Country Mike's Theme"  From the compilation album 'Anthology: The Sounds of Science'.
2) Fleetwood Mac-"Songbird"  From the album 'Rumours'.
3) Fleetwood Mac-"Think About Me"  From the album 'Tusk'.
4) Fleetwood Mac-"Love In Store"  From the album 'Mirage'.
5) Fleetwood Mac-"Isn't It Midnight"  From the album 'Tango in the Night'.
6) Fleetwood Mac-"Brown Eyes"  From the album 'Tusk'.
7) Fleetwood Mac-"Sugar Daddy"  From the album 'Fleetwood Mac'.
8) Fleetwood Mac-"Temporary One (Live)"  From the album 'The Dance'.
9) Fleetwood Mac-"You Make Loving Fun (Live)"  From the album 'The Dance'.
10) Fleetwood Mac-"Say You Love Me (Live)"  From the album 'The Dance'.
11) Fleetwood Mac-"Don't Stop (Live)"  From the album 'The Dance'.
12) Fleetwood Mac-"Just Crazy Love"  From the album 'Mystery To Me'.
13) Fleetwood Mac-"Believe Me"  From the album 'Mystery To Me'.
14) Fleetwood Mac-"Way I Feel"  From the album 'Mystery To Me'.
15) Fleetwood Mac-"Keep on Going"  From the album 'Mystery To Me'.
16) Fleetwood Mac-"Why"  From the album 'Mystery To Me'.
17) Fleetwood Mac-"Heroes Are Hard to Find"  From the album 'Heroes Are Hard to Find'.
18) Fleetwood Mac-"Bad Loser"  From the album 'Heroes Are Hard to Find'.
19) Fleetwood Mac-"Prove Your Love"  From the album 'Heroes Are Hard to Find'.
20) Fleetwood Mac-"Come a Little Bit Closer"  From the album 'Heroes Are Hard to Find'.
21) Christine Perfect-"Let Me Go (Leave Me Alone)"  From the album 'Christine Perfect'.
22) Christine Perfect-"And That's Saying a Lot"  From the album 'Christine Perfect'.
23) Fleetwood Mac-"Station Man"  From the album 'Kiln House'.
24) Fleetwood Mac-"Morning Rain"  From the album 'Future Games'.
25) Fleetwood Mac-"Show Me a Smile"  From the album 'Future Games'.
26) Fleetwood Mac-"Homeward Bound"  From the album 'Bare Trees'.
27) Fleetwood Mac-"Spare Me a Little of Your Love"  From the album 'Bare Trees'.
28) Fleetwood Mac-"Remember Me"  From the album 'Penguin'.
29) Fleetwood Mac-"Dissatisfied"  From the album 'Penguin'.
30) Fleetwood Mac-"Did You Ever Love Me"  From the album 'Penguin'.
31) Fleetwood Mac-"Hold Me"  From the album 'Mirage'.
32) Fleetwood Mac-"Warm Ways"  From the album 'Fleetwood Mac'.
33) Fleetwood Mac-"Oh Daddy"  From the album 'Rumours'.
34) Fleetwood Mac-"World Turning"  From the album 'Fleetwood Mac'.
35) Fleetwood Mac-"Over & Over"  From the album 'Tusk'.
36) Fleetwood Mac-"Over My Head"  From the album 'Fleetwood Mac'.
37) Fleetwood Mac-"Little Lies"  From the album 'Tango in the Night'.
38) Fleetwood Mac-"As Long As You Follow"  From the album 'Greatest Hits'.
39) Fleetwood Mac-"Mystified"  From the album 'Tango in the Night'.
40) Fleetwood Mac-"Save Me"  From the album 'Behind the Mask'.
41) Fleetwood Mac-"Everywhere"  From the album 'Tango in the Night'.
42) Christine McVie-"Love Will Show Us How"  From the album 'Christine McVie'.
43) Christine McVie-"The Smile I Live For"  From the album 'Christine McVie'.
44) Christine McVie-"Friend"  From the album 'In the Meantime'.
45) Christine McVie-"Got a Hold on Me"  From the album 'Christine McVie'.
46) Fleetwood Mac-"Never Forget"  From the album 'Tusk'.
47) Fleetwood Mac-"Never Make Me Cry"  From the album 'Tusk'.
48) Fleetwood Mac-"Honey Hi"  From the album 'Tusk'.
49) Fleetwood Mac-"Wish You Were Here"  From the album 'Mirage'.
50) "The Mid-Morning Recording"   Lindsey Buckingham and Christine McVie-'Buckingham McVie'
Ross suggested we play her final studio album, which is pretty much a Fleetwood Mac album without Stevie Nicks. John McVie and Mick Fleetwood appear on most of the album with their band mates. A strong album with always interesting instrumentation with Lindsay involved in the production. The album features the last five Christine compostions released to date. It's still a bit of a shock that we will never again get to witness her perform live. Rest in Peace Ms. Perfect - Christine McVie (1943-2022) - "Have fun while you can, or there will be none" - Michael - MFL
51) Mick Fleetwood & Friends (feat. Christine McVie)-"Stop Messin' Around"  From the album 'Celebrate The Music Of Peter Green And The Early Years Of Fleetwood Mac'.

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Music For Listeners 11/26/2022
First Broadcast 09/24/2011
The 180 - Guest Programmers on MFL
The 180.25 - Young Knives

1) Rocket from the Tombs-"Raw Power"  From the CD compilation 'The Day The Earth Met The...'.
2) The Incredible String Band-"Chinese White"  From the CD 'The 5000 Spirits or the Layers of the Onion'.
3) The Neat-"In Youth Is Pleasure"  From the vinyl 7" single for 'In Youth Is Pleasure'.
4) Connan Mockasin-"Megumi The Milkway Above"  From the CD 'Please Turn Me Into The Snat'.
5) Siouxsie and the Banshees-"Spellbound"  From the CD 'Juju'.
6) The Raincoats-"Shouting Out Loud"  From the CD 'Odyshape'.
7) Pere Ubu-"The Fevered Dream Of Hernando DeSoto"  From the CD 'St. Arkansas'.
8) Joy Division-"Transmission"  From the CD compilation 'Substance'.
9) Palais Schaumburg-"Wir Bauen Eine Neue Stadt"  From the CD 'Palais Schaumburg'.
10) Pavement-"Shady Lane"  From the CD 'Brighten the Corners'.
11) The Mint Chicks-"Anti-Tiger"  From the CD EP 'Anti-Tigers'.
12) Young Knives-"Silver Tongue"  From the CD 'Ornaments from the Silver Arcade'.
13) Young Knives-"Storm Clouds"  From the CD 'Ornaments from the Silver Arcade'.
14) M.I.A.-"Jimmy"  From the CD 'Kala'.
15) Royal Trux-"Ray-O-Vac"  From the CD 'Thank You'.
16) Bow Wow Wow-"Go Wild in the Country"  From the CD 'See Jungle! See Jungle! Go Join Your Gang, Yeah. City All Over! Go Ape Crazy'.
17) Battles (Featuring Matias Aguayo)-"Ice Cream"  From the CD 'Gloss Drop'.
18) This Heat-"Cenotaph"  From the CD 'Deceit'.
19) These New Puritans-"Attack Music"  From the CD 'Hidden'.
20) Metronomy-"She Wants"  From the CD 'The English Riviera'.
21) Pink Floyd-"The Gnome"  From the CD 'The Piper at the Gates of Dawn'.
22) Fleet Foxes-"Helplessness Blues"  From the CD 'Helplessness Blues'.
23) Busta Rhymes-"Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See"  From the CD 'When Disaster Strikes'.
24) Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti-"Menopause Man"  From the CD 'Before Today'.
25) Departmentstore Santas-"Hey (What's Going On Here?)"  From the CD 'At The Medieval Castle Nineteen 100-Year Lifetimes Since'.
26) Young Knives-"Swimming With the Fishes"  From the vinyl 7" single for "Up All Night".
27) Public Image Ltd-"Flowers of Romance"  From the CD 'The Flowers of Romance'.
28) Animal Collective-"Summertime Clothes"  From the CD 'Merriweather Post Pavilion'.
29) The House of Lords performs the "Untitled Poem"  From the cover of the Captain Beefheart LP 'Lick My Decals Off Baby'.
30) Captain Beefheart-"I'm Glad"  From the CD 'Safe as Milk'.
31) Ungdomskulen-"I Dunno"  From the CD 'Bisexual'.
32) White Denim-"Burnished"  From the CD 'D'.
33) Henry Dartnall performs a poetry reading from a book of poems, circa the 1960's.
34) At the Drive-In-"One Arm Scissor"  From the CD 'Relationship of Command'.
35) Cylob-"Rewind"  From the CD compilation 'The Braindance Coincidence'.
36) The Beatles-"Tomorrow Never Knows"  From the CD 'Revolver'.

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