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Music for Listeners 2007/10/20

1) The Beastie Boys-"Country Mike's Theme" From the CD 'Anthology'.
2) Indigo Moss-"Nature of This Town" From the brand new UK 7" single for "Nature of This Town".
3) Jack Pinate-"Second, Minute or Hour" From the UK CD single for "Second, Minute or Hour".
4) Mouthful of Bees-"The Now" From the CD 'The End'.
5) Buen Chico-"Choosing My Religion" From the brand new CD 'The Right to Re-Arrange'.
6) Ra Ra Riot-"Dying Is Fine" From the forthcoming CD 'Ra Ra Riot'.
7) Catweasels-"Elderly Instruments" From the brand new 7" E.P. 'Elderly Instruments'.
8) Shout Out Louds-"Tonight I Have to Leave It" From the brand new 7" single for "Tonight I Have to Leave It".
9) Jens Lekman-"Sipping On the Sweet Nectar" From the brand new CD 'Night Falls Over Kortedala'.
10) Devendra Banhart-"Lover" From the CD 'Smokey Rolls Down Thunder Canyon'.
11) Pants Yell!-"More Purple" From the forthcoming CD 'Alison Statton'.
12) The Octopus Project-"Truck" From the CD 'Hello, Avalanche'.
13) The Beep Seals-"Stars" From the brand new UK 7" single for "Stars".
14) Poster Children-"Outside In" From the CD 'Tool of the Man'.
15) Poster Children-"Tommyhaus" From the CD 'Tool of the Man'.
16) Yellow Fever-"Culver City" From the brand new 7" E.P. 'Culver City'.
17) Kontakte-"Sterile World" From the limited edition 7" double A side single for "Transmitter/Receiver" and "Sterile World".
18) The Old House-"Weekend Driver" From the UK 7" single for "Weekend Driver".
19) Vampire Weekend-"Mansard Roof" From the brand new single for "Mansard Roof".
20) The Go! Team-"Titanic Vandalism" From the CD 'Proof of Youth'.
21) Dawn of the Replicants-"Midnight Feast" WORLD PREMIERE - Send to us straight from the band. How awesome is that?
22) The New Pornographers-"My Rights Versus Yours" From the CD 'Challengers'.
23) Black Lips-"Veni Vidi Vici" From the CD 'Good Bad Not Evil'.
24) Arizona-"Thimble" From the brand new E.P. 'Fameseeker and the Mono'.
25) Division Day-"More Than This" Free download from the band's website. Part of their "Covers and Remixes" project.
26) Listen Listen-"Awaiting Strings and Implantable Things" From the CD E.P. 'Listen Listen'.
27) Taken By Trees-"Lost and Found" From the 7" single for "Lost and Found".
28) The Scotland Yard Choir-"I Never Thought I Could Feel This Way For A Boy " From the forthcoming CD 'The Scotland Yard Choir'.
29) Sunny Intervals-"Let The City Run Away With Us' From the limited edition 3" CD E.P. 'Call and Response'.
30) The Orb-"Codes" From the brand new Japanese release of 'The Dream'.
31) Scissors for Lefty-"Nickels and Dimes" From the CD 'Underhanded Romance'.
31) "The Mid-Morning Recording"            Radiohead-'In Rainbows'
Yes in ten years we will all be talking how Radiohead first put up this album for download, asking customers to pay whatever they think they should pay for a 160kps MP3 version of it. Basically what they did was put the recording to "tape" and ask people to pay for a "compressed" version of the music, sealing the fact that an MP3 STILL isn't the same as owning a CD or vinyl copy. Also, if it was released at 256 or 320kps, then I would have paid a pound or two more than I did. I want a cover and I hope a vinyl copy lands in my hands soon. What a brilliant marketing move in this age of the digital download. I've seen bands put up songs on their website and ask people to pay whatever they like for the item, but I think Radiohead was the first to put up an entire album. You try putting out an album on your name alone.
Michael - MFL

32) James-"Sayonara" From the CD 'Wah-Wah'.

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