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Music For Listeners 05/24/08

01) The Beastie Boys-"Country Mike's Theme"  From the CD 'Anthology'.
02) Hank Williams Jr.-"Eleven Roses"  From the CD compilation 'Classic Country Gold'.
03) The Futureheads-"Radio Heart"  From the brand new UK CD single for "Radio Heart".
04) The Mae Shi-"Lamb and Lion"  From the CD 'HLLLYH'.
05) Late Of The Pier-"Space and the Woods (Radio Edit)"  From the brand new double A-side single for "Space and the Woods"/"Focker".
06) Dirty Pretty Things-"Hippy's Son"  From the forthcoming CD 'Romance At Short Notice'.
07) Nethers-"Green Jean Jamboree"  From the forthcoming CD 'What the Wind Will Never Tell'.
08) Mystery Jets-"Two Doors Down"  From the forthcoming UK CD single for "Two Doors Down".
09) Johnny Flynn and the Sussex Wit-"Leftovers"  From the vinyl UK 7" single for "Leftovers".
10) I Was A Cub Scout-"Close to Me"  From the forthcoming UK CD single for "Hunter's Daughter".
11) Mates of State-"My Only Offer"  From the brand new CD 'Re-Arrange Us'.
12) James-"Boom Boom"  From the UK CD 'Hey Ma'.
13) The Young Knives-"Counters"  From the CD 'Superabundance'.
14) The Wedding Present-"Don't Take Me Home Until I'm Drunk"  From the brand new CD 'El Rey'.
15) Still Corners-"History of Love"  From the UK CD E.P. 'Remember Pepper?'.
16) Hymns-"Streets Alone"  From the CD 'Travel In Heards'.
17) Get Well Soon-"You/Aurora/You/Seaside"  From the brand new UK 7" single for "You/Aurora/You/Seaside".
18) The Whigs-"I Never Want To Go Home"  From the CD 'Mission Control'.
19) The Orb-"Mother Nature"  From the CD 'The Dream'.
20) {{{ Sunset }}}-"Man's Heart Complaint" From the CD 'Bright Blue Day'.
21) Carol Cleveland Sings-"ABCD Puppies"  From the Song Fight Archive.
22) Cass McCombs-"Pregnant Pause"  From the CD 'Dropping the Writ'.
23) Bon Iver-"For Emma"  From the CD 'For Emma, Forever Ago'.
24) The Blue Hit-"Out the Door (Live - January 16, 2008)"  From the brand new CD 'Live E.P.'.
25) Oppenheimer-"The Blue Rose"  From the forthcoming CD 'Take the Whole Midrange and Boost It'.
26) Swervedriver-"Expressway"  From the CD '99th Dream'.
27) Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds-"Midnight Man"  From the CD 'Dig, Lazarus, Dig!'.
28) Big Soy-"The City (Live At Studio A)"  From the KRTU Live At Studio A Session.
29) Malcolm Middleton-"Blue Plastic Bags"  From the UK 7" single for "Blue Plastic Bags".
30) Catherine Wheel-"Fripp (Live)"  From the limited edition UK pressing of 'Wishville'.
31) "The Mid-Morning Recording"              Air (Pete Namlook)- ‘Air I - You’
I love playing ambient records for "Mid-Morning Recordings". Some of my favorite albums to listen to on multiple occasions happen to be ambient offerings. Pete Namlook is certainly someone who knows how to make great electronica, and I do believe that tonight's album was one of the first truly ambient albums that I ever listened to. Even though this is the first album from Pete's moniker "Air", it is the fourth album played by them on this part of the show. I like 'Air II - Traveling Without Moving' the most, but all of the albums produced by Pete under this moniker are ambient classics, including this one. All of the Air releases have a slightly French atmosphere, but at the root, it is pure German techno. I've actually been holding on to this recording for a while..."That will get played one day"...and now that day has come. I'm sure one day in the future, the latest, and as of now the last album by Air, 'Air V - Jeux Dangereux' will get a spin as a "Mid-Morning Recording". Tonight's recording is a terrific album to just put on and veg out to; or possibly if you're a lucky one, you can make out to it with someone special. Too bad I'm alone, and writing this playlist. :D. This one goes out to all the lovers who just happen to be listening to KRTU on this early Saturday morning. I hope you enjoyed. ;) "Je suis triste et seul ici" ("I am sad, and only here").
Michael - MFL

32) James-"Sayonara"  From the CD 'Wah-Wah'.

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