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Music For Listeners 12/27/2008
Best of 2008 - Some of our favorites anyways

1) The Beastie Boys-"Country Mike's Theme"  From the CD 'Anthology'.
2) Johnny Flynn and the Sussex Wit-"Leftovers"  From the CD 'A Larum'.
3) The Grates-"Burn Bridges"  From the CD 'Teeth Lost Hearts Won'.
4) The Spinto Band-"Summer Grof"  From the CD 'Moonwink'.
5) Envelopes-"Party"  From the CD 'Here Comes the Wind'.
6) Tapes ‘n Tapes-"Hang Them All"  From the CD 'Walk It Off'.
7) Slow Club-"Let's Fall Back In Love"  From the CD E.P. 'Let's Fall Back In Love'.
8) Noah and the Whale-"5 Years Time"  From the CD 'Peaceful, the World Lays Me Down'.
9) The Last Shadow Puppets-"Standing Next To Me"  From the CD 'The Age of the Understatement'.
10) The Muslims-"Parasites"  From the vinyl 7" single for "Parasites".
11) Let's Wrestle-"I Won't Lie To You"  From the UK CD E.P. 'In Loving Memory Of'.
12) The Molotovs-"Flowers"  From the vinyl 7" single for "Flowers".
13) I Was A Cub Scout-"The Hunters Daughter"  From the CD 'I Want You To Know That There Is Always Hope'.
14) The Brute Chorus-"Chateau"  From the UK CD single for "Chateau".
15) Ra Ra Riot-"Run My Mouth"  From the CD 'The Rhumb Line'.
16) Vampire Weekend-"A-Punk"  From the CD 'Vampire Weekend'.
17) White Denim-"Let's Talk About It" From the vinyl 7" single for " Let's Talk About It".
18) The Cribs-"Don't You Want To Be Relevant?"  From the CD single for "Don't You Want To Be Relevant?".
19) Birdmonster-"Born To Be Your Man"  From the CD 'From the Mountain to the Sea'.
20) Lightspeed Champion-"Galaxy of the Lost"  From the CD 'Falling Off the Lavender Bridge'.
21) Oppenheimer-"Major Television Events"  From the CD 'Take the Whole Midrange and Boost It'.
22) Friendly Fires-"Paris"  From the UK 7" single for "Paris".
23) Dizzy Rascal-"Dance Wiv Me (Calvin Harris Extended Mix)"  From the vinyl 12" single for "Dance Wiv Me".
23) The Gaslight Anthem-"The '59 Sound"  From the CD 'The '59 Sound'.
24) The Lovely Sparrows-"Devil In the Details"  From the CD 'Bury the Cynics'.
25) The Ting Tings-"That's Not My Name"  From the CD single for "That's Not My Name".
26) Edwin Collins-"Home Again"  From the CD 'Home Again'.
26) The Beep Seals-"Biting Glass"  From the CD 'Things That Roar'.
27) Hymns-"Streets Alone"  From the CD 'Travel in Heards'.
28) Young Mammals-"Mosquitobot"  Unreleased demo version sent to us from the band. Let's hope this has a proper released in 2009.
29) The Wave Pictures-"Just Like A Drummer"  From the CD single for "Just Like A Drummer".
30) The Dodos-"Fools"  From the CD 'Visiter'.
31) The Wedding Present-"Santa Ana Winds"  From the CD 'El Rey'.
32) Nethers-"When The Eye Comes Down"  From the CD 'What the Wind Will Never Tell'.
33) Bon Iver-"For Emma"  From the CD 'For Emma, Forever Ago'.
34) The Fireman-"Lovers In a Dream"  From the CD 'Electric Arguments'.
35) "The Mid-Morning Recording"                The Whigs-'Mission Control'
Michael's favorite album of 2008
There were so many great albums in 2008, and even though this past year did seem like a year of change, what the hell does next year bring??? No change? So, after listening to all the great albums from 2008, I finally had to start nitpicking the possible flaws of some albums, and I hate doing that. First and foremost, the music we play on Music For Listeners are bands that we believe that have put out something of quality. We want to put this great music into the hands of people that may not have listened beforehand. It only needs to be good to be played on this show, and that's pretty much the only prerequisite. Most likely, the question we get asked the most in doing this radio show is "what are some best 'new' bands", and for me I usually just spout my two or three favorite new songs from the last program we aired. So rating the best albums of any length of time is really tough for me, as I just like good music of any time. Also, producing a radio show and writing a so-called blog, it seems an "end of the year list" is the proper thing to do. So, in the end with this year's list I had to go with the album that I listened to the most. Also, I personally couldn't really think of anything wrong with the second album from Athens, Georgia band The Whigs. Maybe other than the forth album by The Verve, it was the album that I was looking forward to hearing the most in 2008. (The Verve album for me wasn't as bad as some people said it was, but it certainly wasn't the album I listened to the most.) Out of all the albums of 2008, 'Mission Control' by the Whigs WAS the album that I did listen to the most. It's also my favorite album of 2008 because it has the balls to rock out without being pretentious as a lot of rock bands of late. They have the best hooks of any band that preceded them, and I can't wait to hear their next album. Every song on this album is worth listening to, and I'm happy to say that I've seen every song from this album performed live but one; which happens to be my favorite song on the record. Maybe some day I'll see that one live as well. Some say rock and roll is dead....I say "fuck that"......bring on The Whigs.
"Well, I got ideas, but now please misunderstand me when the facts lie, tangled on my tongue beneath a white lie. Are you disappointed if it's not quite right? Tell me you can take it, yeah I think we'll make it."

36) James-"Sayonara"  From the CD 'Wah-Wah'.

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